“There’s a Peso in My Bed” or “It’s Nice to Be Home”

14 09 2008

I have returned from my sojourn to the great Kansas City. It was a good time of refreshment, shopping and meeting some famous people. (No kidding.)

The plane ride home was less than eventful, unless you include the five member family who decided to ask me to nanny for them. No kidding. I’m expecting a phone call from the parentals any second to set up some face time. I’m going to ask for too much money and if they say ‘yes’ it’ll be a good way to make some cash.

The first thing I did when I got home was inadvertantly look in a mirror. This was a poor idea as both my eyes were completely bloodshot. Now, red certainly does set off my naturally green irises, but it does so in a creepy-sci-fi-movie way. Sometimes when I get really tired my eyes do this, but it hasn’t happened in years. Literally. They aren’t quite back to normal so I’m still avoiding the mirrors.

The second thing I did was to completely clean out my room. I’d been awake for fourteen hours and figured that “there is no time like the present”. When stripping the sheets off of my bed, I found a peso.  Ten peso’s, actually. Besides the fact that I have no idea where it came from it was pretty neat.

Today I went wedding dress shopping with my best friend and we found the perfect dress. It’s beautiful and she got it for a really good price. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy wedding dress shopping [for other people]. It’s fun to watch the super swank fashion show that is finding the perfect gown.  

The first show of the season starts this week and I’m training my new boss and my new lobby attendant all on the same day. I’d be more excited if I had a copy of my schedule but as of yet I’ve got nothing. Very frustrating and somewhat unproffessional.

In conclusion, “Behind me, as before me, God is and all is well.”




5 responses

15 09 2008

No schedule? That’s kinda lame. Also, congrats on the pesos…

15 09 2008

Thanks. I’m pretty sure that with my ten pesos I can purchase a Mexican gumball. Or maybe some dryer lint…

16 09 2008
Jennifer James

Mexican dryer lint.

16 09 2008

Mexican dryer lint gumballs?

17 09 2008
Jennifer James

Delicious. But no thank you. I don’t chew foreign gum.

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