Nanny Job

14 09 2008

I didn’t take the nanny job. 7:30 to 5 o’clock every day- NO WAY!

And certainly not for ten bucks an hour. I mean, raising someone’s kids should pay better.




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15 09 2008

They wanted you to nanny multiple kids for ten an hour? I wouldn’t even babysit for that little amount for a short period of time… jeesh. Way to put a high price on who’s monitoring your kids people….

15 09 2008

My favorite part was that she was very obviously angry at me for asking for $20/ hr. Yes, that is a lot of money but anger is not the rational response. Bartering or communication would have been rational. Thanks Jesus for telling me to ask for 20 and thus giving me an ‘out’!

15 09 2008
Jennifer James

She was ANGRY? That’s really bizarre. Maybe she’s having a hard time finding someone on a budget…or something…

15 09 2008

Maybe she was rich and cheap. We’ll never know. She also said that she’d consulted with members of her “team” but never said what kind of “team” that was. Either way the whole thing was creeping me out.

16 09 2008
Jennifer James

Team? Maybe that’s how she refers to her family? her pets? The voices in her head?


16 09 2008

Very. VERY weird.

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