I Like Music

31 08 2008

And I really like inane blog titles.

Today at church I was talking to my dear family friend Lynn. I was telling her about the bed I want to buy from Crate and Barrel. The idea being that I am going to start collecting really nice furniture now, before I have a husband who gets input on how I spend my money. Then the idea struck me. It’s not a new one- I think it often, but it was especially pertinent at that moment.

I want to learn to play piano.

Now, there are two major obstructions to the achievement of this goal. 1) I don’t own a piano and 2) I can’t read music. Most people who aren’t musicians are unable to read music, it’s true, but by now I should have picked up something. I’ve played piano, guitar and cello for brief periods over the years, as well as taking college level music theory. Maybe the problem is that I learnt intruments without any music theory lessons, and I learnt music theory without a practical application.

Point being, Lynn is an amazing piano player and volunteered to give me lessons. Not only that but she said that I can get a really nice full-sized keyboard with weighted keys for the amount that I was going to spend on my bed. (About $1200). And before anyone freaks out or starts thinking that I am rich, I’m not. That’s a serious chunk of money for me. I have to really feel released by the Lord before I spend that kind of change.

But I’m feeling a little keyboard shopping in my future… I’d also like a video camera, but we can’t have everything.




4 responses

1 09 2008

I don’t know pal. I’d buy the bed, and then pray God gives you the keyboard. Then you can play the kb from your bed.

I think it’s awesome that you are going to take piano from Lynnie!

2 09 2008
Mother Smith

I say go for the keyboard and the lessons. Maybe I’ll learn too, as I’ve always wanted to!!
What can I say about the wonderfulness that is Lynn??? She is a wonder! 🙂

3 09 2008
Laurie Ascanio

Or you can buy the keyboard and pray God’s gives you the coolest bed ever!

3 09 2008

I like the way you all think. I am leaning towards the keyboard, since it would be easier to travel with than a queen sized bed would be. I mean, if I move somewhere far away I can hardly take my mahogany sleigh bed with me.

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