Skunk Bay

29 08 2008

Ever since I was a little kid, my family has been vacationing at the same place. It’s on Puget Sound, right off of the entrance to Hood Canal. When I was little we stayed in a tiny yellow beach house with bad carpet, no dishwasher and a positive funk. (Funk (n); an unattractive smell.)

That house had only two bedrooms, one of which had a three stack of bunk beds and another bed. In that room I learned that my brain was not built to finish a Rubix Cube, that the top bunk is not always preferable and that carpet can sometimes make a good bedspread.

There was also a game of Operation and two tiny tricycles stored in the shed.

Nowadays when we go to Skunk Bay we stay in the house next door to where our little yellow cabin used to be. The little yellow cabin has (alas) been torn down and replaced by a retirement home for the owners of the property. They are very nice people but it’s still a lamentable loss.

So now it’s a little blue house with a swing, a dishwasher, a telescope and satellite TV. Luckily, when at the beach I rarely watch TV. This year there was some watching of the Olympics, but little else.

I love the ocean more than anything else. I especially enjoy sitting on the bulkhead after the sun has gone down, watching the lights of the ships and listening to the quite lapping of the waves. It’s a beautiful and calm and utterly wonderful.

This year’s trip was very nice. Good friends, good food and lots of walking on the beach. Next year we’re taking a kayak since I’m the only one who will voluntarily go into the ocean without some kind of flotation device.

If possible, I hope to spend many more years taking vacations at Skunk Bay. Who knows? maybe someday I’ll be able to afford a place of my own out there. There’s such scope for the imagination…




One response

30 08 2008
Jennifer James

I think we could write an entire novel about Skunk Bay memories. Yankee the dog, the giant piece of driftwood, the rope swing and it’s many incarnations, making s’mores during a burn ban, the place you can hike to and get all those sand dollars, writing in the clay walls, fishing, riding logs into the freezing surf…. I could go on and on.

Of course, the novel would mostly be about eating and reading books. Ah I can’t wait to take Caden! I am sorry I missed out this year. Did you get more pictures?

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