“The Toast is Clear”

11 08 2008

I woke up at six o’clock this morning.


Madness. Pure madness.

The reason behind this ridiculous wake-up time was a day of babysitting. Some sort-of neighbors of mine needed me just for the day b/c their mom was running a golfing tournament. We’ll skip over my feelings about golf. (They have paintings of “18th Hole, Saint Fancy-pants Golf Course” etc all over their house.) They have two boys, Troy and Bryce. Troy is 8 nearly 9 and Bryce is 7.

My day consisted of two hours of cartoons and Wii, a walk back to my neighborhood because I’d forgotten my cell phone, and some serious play time. Amidst the many games we played were “Super Secret Spies”, “Elevator”, “Skydivers”, and “Army”.

Super Secret Spies is my favorite. You start on the stairs, come up with a mission and then proceed to attempt to fulfill your mission. The hitch? The real goal of the game is to finish your mission without Sage (their over-active one year old Australian Shepard) seeing you. If Sage sees you you are dead and you have to lay where Sage saw you until someone else comes to save you. If people aren’t coming fast enough to save you you moan “SOS. Save Our Souls” really loudly. The other hitch is that once Sage kills you, his favorite thing to do is gnaw on any exposed bit of flesh. I have molar marks all up and down my arms. From this game originated the “THE TOAST IS CLEAR” quote.

“Army” is done by first spending an hour making the perfect paper airplane. After that you take it outside and throw the airplanes at Sage. You can only have one airplane at a time and you can’t make a new one until Sage has chewed your old one to bits. From this game came the classic quote “Sage! Don’t eat the paper! I mean… it has plenty of fiber, but that doesn’t make it ok!” Paper. Fiber. I just about died.

Elevator is done by tying stuffed animals to a rope at the bottom of the stairs and lifting them to the top floor without them falling. The person at the bottom controls the situation with a complicated system of codes. “Code white” means hold the rope still. “Code Red” means lift. “Code pink” is something between the two (yeah, I know… YOU try to figure that out). “Code purple” is useless. It means that you should twist the rope to turn the animals in a circle.

So that was my day. The other big chunk of it was spent keeping the boys from putting sugar onto everything they ate. Then I fed them nutter butters.

Good times.




4 responses

12 08 2008
Father Smith

Made me smile! Did you bring any of the Nutter Butters home?

12 08 2008

Nope. I thought that stealing nutter butters would be a poor idea. Sorry. If you come to the beach I’ll buy you some!

12 08 2008

You are going to make a great Aunt to Caden and all who follow!! 🙂

-By the way, how do I change who is leaving a comment…can’t figure it out on your blog!!!

12 08 2008
Jennifer James

I love super secret spies! Aaron and I play a game called “will it still be there when I am craving it” which mostly consists of me opening the fridge desperately craving some sort of food I know we had two days ago, and praying Aaron hasn’t eaten it.

I haven’t had a nutter butter in about 11 years… I want one, dipped in fudge sauce.


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