3 08 2008

I love people.

I find it easier to love people who love me back, but I really do just love people.

And how great are friends?! Friends are people who are a) not related to you and therefore not forced to pretend to like you, b) similar enough to yourself to be comfy c) different enough from you to challenge you.

Sometimes family CAN be friends, but it doesn’t always happen. I am totally blessed to have a sister and brother-in-law who are two of my best friends. My sis is great for a snuggle and to read books with for hours on end. She likes the movies I like and agrees that pajamas are the ideal wardrobe for any occasion. My brother-in-law staunchly believes that it is his life task to make up for the fact that I don’t have a biological brother. He is therefore a great deal of fun on outings, likes to ‘do and DO things’, and pokes me at every opportunity. He also thinks it’s funny to gang up on my sister in verbal sparring matches. Having someone else in my corner is always good.

My parents (while remaining PARENTS) are two of my other best friends. They will listen to me for hours and hours, then give me actual practical and biblical advice. When I’m blue mom tells me to “go and get flowers” because she knows that going out to the garden will make me feel better. Dad dances with me in the kitchen, just because.

My best friend Stacie is a real treasure of a person. She’s hysterical, loves Disney songs, knows that “Calamity Jane” is  the best movie ever and has known me from infancy. Just ask her about ‘blue questions’ at tea parties and you are in for a great story.

My other best friend Erin, is just as much of a movie person as I am, which is saying quite a lot. Even though we hardly ever get to hang out together, whenever we do it’s like we never left. She thinks I’m funny and I think she’s gorgeous. We’re a perfect pairing of same-ness.

Of other friends I could speak for hours. My dearest friend friend is probably Zane. He is universally supportive and, though an athiest, is not in the least phased when I talk about the Lord (which I do a lot). He understands how I think and loves me for just who I am. I feel the same way, I might add. I’ve had heaps of great guy friends over the years, none better for late-night drives than the three J’s. Jake, Jeremy and Jay. We’ve never been really close, but we’ve had some great times and I have the best memories of these three. Ashley I met in fifth grade and we used to play in her garage and try not to bump her dad’s enormous model train set-up. When we were a little older we took Shakespeare together. When I had cramps she would stop in the middle of the hall and lean down to yell at my stomach “UTERUS! STOP CRAMPING NOW PLEASE!!” She knows what the power cape is and laments with me that it was stolen. She’s one of the best writers I know and I miss her very much. Lauren and Kati are the two other greats from high school. Ash, Lauren and Kati and I went to senior prom together, throwing away all thoughts of dates because we knew we’d have more fun together. Kati was my costuming cohort and Lauren my art buddy. They’re good people and even though we’re scattered to the four corners of the earth I miss them.

It must be a nostalgic night… Honestly, though, I feel that friendship and good friends should be recognized. That they are not is tragic. There are heaps of people I didn’t mention… to you I extend a “thank you” and a big hug. You’ve made my life precious and changed who I am, always for the better.




2 responses

4 08 2008
Jennifer James

I am very glad that we are best friends who are also sisters. It makes stealing your clothes alot less awkward. not that I would fit into them right now…sigh.

Also, I wish you were here to eat ice creams with me.

4 08 2008
Mother Smith

Honor releases life!!
It is good to honor friends those that touch our lives.

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