Jared is Not Alone

31 07 2008

This is my [non-edited, shockingly frightening hair, ugly background] video reply to Jared’s show.

It’s a collection of ideas of things he can do if “the world deserts him and no-one watches the show”. It was done in about 5 minutes with my digital camera. The end result…? I want a proper video camera and a hair and makeup lady.


You will find Jared’s video linked below. He has editing and fancy music, but I’ve got LOTR memorabilia and bright red shoes!





10 responses

1 08 2008
Jennifer James

I think your new highlights look awesome! Also I think you look positively lovely on film. Even digital camera film.

REALLY love the highlights….

1 08 2008

I can’t believe you actually made a video in response to mine. I like the LOTR memorabilia, where did you get all that stuff?

Anyhow, I am going to make a splits part 2 video, so look for it soon!

Keep making shows of yourself.


1 08 2008

Hey Jared, next time I come to KC, can I venture out on one of the “splits” adventures? I can do left and right splits… I can also tap dance a little.

The LOTR memorabilia is six years of loving the movies. I have every “art of” book ever made, the extended DVD’s, a life size Legolas and two replica elf costumes made for high school projects. My name is Meghan and I am a SUPER NERD! (Did I mention I own an exact replica of Arwen’s necklace done in Swarovski crystal and silver?) ha ha

Jen! I’m so glad that you like the highlights!! Hooray! (I did them for you, you know)

2 08 2008
Jennifer James

The only thing that would have made that video better is if you’d been able to work in the dresses. They are truly works of art. Perhaps we can go to Blockbuster in them when we come visit in January. But what shall we dress Caden up as?

2 08 2008

We could make him a tiny Legolas outfit… At the very least he could wear the “evenstar” necklace and little green boots.

He would also make an excellent fell-beast, as babies tend to be slightly strange looking. Do you think he can roar like a lion and scream like a horse at the same time?

3 08 2008

I just started filming the Splits part 2 last night. It has been a year and a half since Zack and I went out doing the splits. My whole outfit is different, except for the red headband. If you want to join in on the fun I guess you can come. I am writing a post right now in response to the show you made. i am also posting show #2. Its not very exciting but its a show. So, check it out!!


3 08 2008
Jennifer James

I would try and do the splits, but I am afraid to pop a hip out of the socket. That or not be able to get up. Both are likely.

Meghan- I anticipate that my son WILL be able to scream like a horse and roar like a lion at the same time, since his father makes excellent velociraptor noises.

18 08 2008

so do you like Jared? I think ya’ll’d be a great couple! seem to have a lot in common… just say’n!

I’m going to submit my recommendation to Jared to ask you out. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?!

love is in the air….

18 08 2008

Soo… really Jared is cool and so are you! I think ya’ll should date!

18 08 2008

Ok you don’t have to post this…

But i think it would be funny to act like we set you two up on a date for a video. Film you two on a date and even if it goes crazy hay wire… it would be funny. Well just a good video idea if you ask me. Two blog friends blog date! ok maybe not so funny, but i thought it was!

sorry for bugg’n you!

I don’t mean to freak you out! Just thought it’d be funny!

.::zack hensley

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