28 07 2008

Blogging is an enormous responsibility. At least, it becomes one in the brain of the person who has made the dubious decision to write for their [hypothetical] audience.

It doesn’t matter if anyone actually reads it. The idea that someone may be sitting at their computer, frustrated because you haven’t posted anything in days is very upsetting. It’s a compulsion to entertain that is simultaneously inspiring and depressing.

I spend most of my time either sleeping, reading, praying or throwing the ball for the dog. While there is a lot going on in my brain, very little of it is entertaining. Less of it is shareable.

What’s a blogger to do?!

If I was away from my family (say in a foreign country) or knew that my friends rely on this blog for info about me, I would be much more inclined to write. As it is, my life right now is very simple. The gist of my days is very similar from one to the next, and easily communicated in very few words.

Variety is the spice of blogs.

So forgive my casual approach to posting. When there’s some new spice in my life you can depend on me to let you all know.

Have a wonderful week!




One response

29 07 2008

I do not forgive your casual posting!

Ok yes I do.

Loves to you and your posts.

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