Weekly Update

26 07 2008

It’s been a really good week this week. The weather in the Emerald Isle has been unseasonally cold. Five days out of seven we’ve had clouds, a high of 65 and a bit of breeze. Now, even if we do get 9 months of rain per year, the other three months are sunny and pleasant. I can imagine that most of the local population has therefore endured rather than enjoyed this week.

I’m one of the rare few who strongly dislikes high temperatures and would much rather keep my flannel sheets on year-round. Maybe I should move to Scotland or something…

Anyway, it’s just been me, the dog, the cat and my friend Zane’s beta fish. On the two nice days we spend our time on the back porch. (That includes the fish, who I carry out and put on the back table.) I throw the ball for the dog, feed the cat catnip and chat at beta Gill. There is also that enormous stack of library books to get through, as well as bible-reading and praying. Occasionally I pray that the dog will somehow become more intelligent and find his ball. More often than not, I have to get up and go find it for him.

On the rainy days we’ve mostly stayed inside watching old movies. The dog sleeps. The cat sleeps. Gill sleeps in his tiny castle. I wander around, clean things and then take a nap.

The naps are neccesary since I have to get up every morning at six to let the dog out so that he doesn’t pee in the house. I go back to bed afterward, but interrupted sleep is not nearly so satisfying. It doesn’t help that I’ve been staying up way too late.

I’ve had to work too, this week. Costco run and lobby attending. Not to mention the house-cleaning that I’m usually doing. (Yes mom, I’ve vacuumed thrice and cleaned up the house every day.) It [the house] never got dirty but it became quickly cluttered.

I cannot say that it has been a very productive week by any human standard. But I’ve spent time with the Lord and rested. Whoever I am right now really likes being alone, so this week has been incredibly refreshing. Almost I could wish that I lived alone. Just almost. I don’t really want to move.

I also went to the gym on my normal days, and didn’t eat too many un-healthy foods. My biggest treat was a cucumber which I sliced up, put part into a jug of water in the fridge and ate the other part. I had some really good vegetable dip left over from my folks party last week. It was the perfect thing to go with the “cuke”. Allow me to remind everyone that large amounts of cucumber should not be taken internally with large amounts of dairy. It will give you one of the most wicked stomach aches imaginable.

So now, as my week draws to a close, I am both happy and sad. Happy to have my family back, sad to not have the run of the house.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!




3 responses

26 07 2008

Cucumber in water? Um. Why? Just curious.

I am glad that you had so many animals to keep you company. Even if the cat is barely a cat, and the dog can never find his ball, and you can’t pet the fish. I loves you.

26 07 2008

Cucumber water silly. It’s incredibly refreshing! Actually, you should try it… it might help defeat the KC heat.

I loves you back.

27 07 2008

I doubt anything in a pitcher could help defeat this heat. Unless it’s a margarita. Which I can’t have. Choose not to have. Whatever. Only winter can beat this heat.

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