A Future Career?

25 07 2008

I had a lovely chat with Aaron P. this evening. Since I’ve had an entire week without much human contact (comparitively) it was nice having a real conversation.

I gave him a hard time about how much Alaskan women love neck beards. He proceeded to suggest that I grow my own. Then someone compared him to a skinny bear and genius struck. If my movie-making career doesn’t work out I am going to join the circus. I shall be the bearded lady and Aaron P will be the trained bear. We are going to have dork-off competitions involving LOTR quotes and home school stories.

If this wasn’t the most quiet week ever, it would not be a note-worthy conversation. (Sorry Aaron.) But when you’ve spent five days talking to Gill the beta fish about the comparitive benefit of plastic vs paper bags, even slight wit is wonderful.

More to come soon.




One response

25 07 2008

I would say “hey! we talked yesterday!” but thanks to the throat scratch I had you were really the only one who talked.

I am glad you aren’t lonely, but I am also glad mom and dad are coming home soon, because I miss talking to them.

I hope they didn’t get the black lung from all the wildfire smoke.

I also heart Aaron Perry, but not neckbeards.

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