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21 07 2008

I have about three blog posts saved up in my head right now. One of which is a tribute to my dad for his 50th birthday. The second is called “God is the Universes’ Most Patient Orchestra Conductor”. The third is the one you all are getting first. Primarily because it is what is going on in my life right now, partly because it seems most fitting for late-evening-porch-writing.

So what is going on in your life right now? you might ask.

Interesting (I speak in the cosmic sense) stuff.

Some of you might know that last year while I was in NZ, the Lord told me to study acting. My initial reaction was a combination of doubt that I’d heard correctly and skepticism. I’ve never wanted to be an actress. I enjoy performing but hate auditions more that anything else in the universe. But I believe strongly that saying ‘yes’ to God is NEVER a bad thing. 

 I thought that studying acting meant that I needed to go to acting school. Enter the first real audition I’ve ever had. It was for one of the (I am told) best acting schools in the country. To be honest I pretty much just picked it out of a hat. Anywhoot, I did my two monologues, had a 20 minute interview and was told that I wouldn’t hear anything for 2-3 weeks. This was on a Saturday. By the next Friday I had an acceptance packet. (!) I cried. It was totally God. I was so nervous that my voice shook and three inch heels are not conducive to Shakespearian monologues.

Ok. Now we’re all caught up.

I’ve decided not to go to school next year, barring an angelic visitation with a command otherwise.

Now I have a whole year free. What shall I do? Well, I was talking to a friend at the gym this past Monday and found out that the dance call for Village Theatre’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was the following Sunday. More clearly than I’ve heard most things I heard the Lord tell me to audition.

Now, I haven’t danced in two years. I haven’t taken a proper class in six. I have never auditioned for anything professional and have only audition for a total of four things in my life. Three of which I knew I was in before the audition ever happened.

That’s a tall order.

So I contacted the casting director at Village Theatre and asked if I could please come and audition. She said yes. I printed out a headshot, bought a new leotard and spent the next six days stretching and praying.

Five o’clock yesterday found me frantically trying to decide whether to wear tights or pants, shorts or a skirt. Eventually I listed to the Lord and wore what He told me to wear. (Leo, tights, black shorts). I got to the theatre about ten minutes before six, filled out my paperwork and started stretching. There were two familiar faces and one actual friend there, which was comforting. I found all 13 other girls to be very kind and supportive.

They brought us all into rehearsal room A, put us in lines and taught us a combination. It was by no means difficult, though fast and intricate enough to be fun. They watched us do it in small groups, sent us away, called us back in different groups and we did it all over again.

The pianist was a man whose done several shows at Village. I fell in love with him last year when he had the lead in a show called Once Upon a Time in New Jersey. It was so comforting to have familiar faces on the other side of that table up there! (Note- “love” being meant in the platonic fond-of-you-always-glad-to-see-you sense.)

The singing was scary and is just not my thing. I gave them a lot of attitude, though, so hopefully that helps.

But frankly, if I get into this show it will be completely God’s work. I did nothing to warrant admittance to a high-profile theatre’s Christmas show.

It’d be fun to say that I got into everything I ever auditioned for, though…

Other than that, God has told me to ‘rest and hope’, so I take a lot of snoozes and dream big dreams all the time. I am excited for whatever the Lord has coming up for me.




3 responses

21 07 2008
Jennifer James

I bet you did fantastic, and I KNOW you had fantastic hair. You’re the best!

I also need to do a tribute to dad post….

21 07 2008

Indeed. He’s such a lovely dad and deserves lots of lovely things said about him. And to him. And near him. etc etc ad infinitum.

I’ll call you when/if I hear anything.

23 07 2008
Jennifer James

I can’t wait to hear how that audition turns out.

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