Summer Reading, Had Me a Blast!

12 07 2008

I think that there is nothing in this world so wonderful as a library. The bigger the better. I had a morning to do just exactly what I wanted and (being me) I went to the Bellevue Regional Library.

I went armed with my cutest black first-grade-teacher sweater, a giant canvas bag for the books and a desire to do something constructive with my summer. The late-night Lord of the Rings marathon can’t last forever.

Speaking of LOTR, for those of you who don’t already know, they’ve decided on a director for The Hobbit. They’ve given it to a heavy-set Spanish fellow named Guillermo del Toro. Now that I think about it, he actually looks kind of like a pale version of Peter Jackson. Anyway, you might know him for his movies Hellboy I & II and a little flick called Pan’s Labrynth. Now, I freely admit that this man is a fantasy film genius. Seriously. His creatures, visual effects and cinematography are brilliant. However, he also has a more-than-normal portion of creepy-weirdness. I can see why Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh (executive producers for The Hobbit) would pick him. His body of work is very much in line with Peter Jackson’s own stuff. It’s like fantasy/horror mecca when these two get together. I have mixed feelings. However, I have only good feelings about the actor rumored to be cast as Bilbo Baggins. Who could NOT love James McAvoy?! You might know him as Mr Tumnus in The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe.

What was I talking about before my crazy aside? Ah yes… books. (My life is made up of equal stacks of DVD’s and musty dusty books.)

So today I came back from the library with the following books…
–“Oil Painting; Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artist” by Bill Creevy
— “The Inferno” by Dante
–“Thomas Aquinas volume I”
–“Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy
–“She: a History of Adventure” by H. Rider Haggard”
–“A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs
–“Lion in the Valley” by Elizabeth Peters
–“The Mummy Case” by Elizabeth Peters
–“The First Men in the Moon” by H.G.Wells
–“Emma” by Jane Austen
–“Tarzan of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Plus, I am seriously considering moving back to Wellington, NZ. The plan is to wander around until someone from the production staff of The Hobbit sees me. They will then point to me across a crowded street and scream “Hey! You look like a Mirkwood elf!!” At which point I will say “Yes. Yes I do.” Then I will have a job as an extra, someone will see my sketchbook and make me show it to Peter Jackson who will show it Richard Taylor who will hire me on the spot. Then I’ll get to live in NZ and make movies and some 6’4″ Maori Intercessory Missionary (who happens to be independantly wealthy) will fall in love with me and everyone will live happily ever after.

The End.

Or is it, The Beginning?




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13 07 2008
Jennifer James

I think your plan is especially fine, as are your book choices. I wish we had a big library here. As such, I have to make do with a small library with good connections. (I.E. They are happy to order in anything I can think of, but I have to wait until it gets there.)

I heartily suggest these books for summer reading
-“I will Fear no Evil” and “Friday” by Robert Heinlein
– The Ender series (enders game, shadow puppets etc.) by Orson Scott Card
– Julie and Julia (forget the authors last name, her first name obviously is Julie, but it’s about the woman who cooked through Julia Childs’ Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year. That’s about 542 recipes..)

I like that you wore your teacher sweater to the library.

13 07 2008

I actually considered getting all the Ender books, but since I’ve read them a few times I decided not to. I like Robert Heinlein. I can’t remember what all I’ve read of his but I do enjoy his writing. That Julia Child book sounds fantastic. I love that kind of stuff.

Ooh and not only did I wear my teacher sweater, but in the Aa-Ba section of fiction I ran into this guy… He was about 6’2″ was wearing jeans, a button down white shirt and gray vest. The best part is he was wearing a fedora, carrying a load of books and smiling! It made my day. Apparantly the Bellevue Regional Library is quite fashion forward.

13 07 2008
Mother Smith

What can I say???
My girls are pretty great!
P.S. I’ve always wanted to visit “Down Under”.

14 07 2008
Jennifer James

They probably check your outfit at the door, and secretly lock or unlock the button depending on whether or not you fit in. You probably get extra points for a fedora.

15 07 2008

That would make the library just that much better. If I ever have one I am totally implementing that system.

16 07 2008
Jennifer James

I am implementing the system where all the hard to find sci fi books are actually at the library…. that’s the system I want.

18 07 2008

Meghan Smith, I miss you.

I also went to the library the other day, but for research purposes and came out with my weight’s worth of everything pertaining to women’s art, 1960s art, and performance art. Then went to Barnes and Noble, tried to read ‘twilight’, got frustrated, and scarpered (because I like that word) to the BN classics section where I picked up some light, but quality reading (Treasure Island) and some not-so-light reading (Paradise Lost). I’m swimming in books and I’m not even at home!

On that note, I’m in Connecticut! I’ve got a blog too! And you can’t leave for New Zealand just yet because I’m visiting Seattle during Labor Day Weekend and you need to be there, since I don’t remember if you were there last year when I brought the boyfriend along but he’s coming again.

Meghan Smith, I miss you!
❤ Ashley

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