I work out with John Locke

4 07 2008

Today I bounced out of bed, dead set on going to the gym. I figured that no-one would want to be working out on a national holiday. Boy was I wrong. The place was packed, mostly with men.  Plus, over by the free weights, chatting it up with a very sweaty short guy was John Locke from LOST.

Ok, not really. But he looked EXACTLY like him.

Normally when I’m at the gym it’s me, the body-building moms and a few guys. This is a perfect situation. No-one to impress and not too many bodies cluttering up the paths. Any of you ladies who go to the gym on a regular basis can appreciate my gym pet-peeve; men who sit on their machines for ridiculous amounts of time. Don’t they know about super setting?! When I’m working out I move with great purpose. I’m not buff but I’m determined. However, men seem to think that sitting for long periods is a neccesary part of the process.


More to come later.




3 responses

5 07 2008
Jennifer James

I wouldn’t stand for guys sitting on machines. I would just walk up and be like “can I use that while you are resting?”

What are they going to say, no? They’ll either move or finish using it. If you did it consistently, maybe they would get the point!

7 07 2008
Donna James

We have a friend, whose son just came back from Brazil on a missions trip. Well,in the airport they met Charlie and Kate from Lost! Charlie was friendly and Kate —not so much!! He has his picture with Charlie!!
I seem to be baffled by the words gym and workout!!!

17 07 2008

Glad to see that I am still on your blogroll…you are still on mine.

The gym, for us men, is more of a place of confronting insecurity(at least for me). I usually spend long amounts of time on each machine because I am distracted by the guys that actually work out and do it all time and their bodies are proof of this.

Maybe the long amount of time is that dude reflecting on how not strong he is and how he wishes he could be stronger.

I am glad, however, that you are determined and not buff, I am the same way.

we should be best friends.


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