Isabelle’s Big Adventure

1 07 2008

So I have this cat. No, that’s not right. She is a female mammal who certainly looks like a feline. However she lacks most of the traits neccesary to attain to the status of ‘cat’. She doesn’t play. She switches back and forth from affectionate to disdainful with more than usual frequency. Moreover, she is scared of everything.

So imagine my suprise when, as I was sitting in the farthest corner of the yard this afternoon, I saw her running toward me. Now, she never ventures more than five feet from the house. I was thunderstruck. When my mother later informed me that Isabelle had stayed down there all afternoon I could hardly believe it.

Maybe after nine years she’s finally becoming a real cat.

It was actually a lovely day. I went errand-running, sat on the back porch for a couple of hours, slept, made dinner and went on a 90 minute walk. Even better than all of that, I dug out the oils for the first time in three years and painted.  Now I am watching Persuasion and thinking about going to bed.

I hope you all had as nice of a day as I have had.




3 responses

2 07 2008
Jennifer James

Wow, especially after her trauma with that other cat who wanted to play with her, I am suprised she has ever gone outside again.

Let’s give her props though, her paranoia has kept her alive.

2 07 2008

Be that as it may, I still think her a shocking excuse for a cat. Someday I hope to have an orange cat named Charlie and a pug named Don. Good times.

3 07 2008
Jennifer James

I think she secretly goes to another home, acts like the perfect feline THERE, and then comes back to our house to drink out of the special bowl in the sink and head butt people when they are napping.

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