Ironman: The Review

26 06 2008

I like superhero movies. A lot.

I like special effects, plots that are so comic book-ie you can practically smell the ink and heroesthat really make you want to believe. That means that whenever I go into any kind of superhero movie, I am predisposed to like it. It’s my genre.

But even with that, I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of relying on a quick tranformation and long emotional adjustment (ie Spiderman, X-men) this story was more about the man behind the mask than it was about blowing people up. The story was not as predictable as most, excepting the ever-present “I’m in love with a moody vigilanty who doesn’t treat me right” romantic subplot, that is.

The special effects were story driven, which is rare, and they perfectly complimented the story. There were no random flights, no unnecessary “hero takes on bad guys in a too-long warm up round”.

In fact, every aspect of the movie seemed shockingly story-driven. The costumes, lighting and dialogue were all purposeful. There were a few notable exceptions, I’ll grant you. Ie, pole-dancing stewardesses on Stark’s private plane, Pepper’s inane “are those bullet holes?!” line and a Hugh Heffner impression.

It was certainly the best executed superhero movie I’ve ever seen. Seriously. But it was not the best of the genre as far as I’m concerned.

I have a serious problem with the purposeful and intentioned harming of one human being by another. I don’t like it in TV shows. I won’t watch anything with torture in it (still haven’t seen the new 007 movie), heck I don’t even like practical jokes. Unfortunately for me, Ironman had maybe a dozen scenes with mild to not-so-mild torture. It was enough to throw me out of the experience so that I could concentrate on not throwing up.

Granted, I have an extreme reaction that most people don’t suffer from. But the first time they put Stark’s head under water they lost me. I understand that terrorists do not suffer from squeamishness and this movie really did tone down on what probably really happens. I’m just giving you my opinion, folks. Take it or leave it.

But back on the upside… Robert Downey Jr was stellar. There was witty banter, and more than decent acting. I managed to actually forget that he is Robert Downey Jr. Something that isn’t easy for movie buffs to do.

So, it’s a great see-it-in-the-theatres movie. Highly recommended. But even so, I don’t think that I’ll be buying it any time soon.




3 responses

27 06 2008
Aaron James

Hey, in case you didn’t see them I put up a bunch of the pictures from our little field trip on my flickr page.

27 06 2008

Shweet. Thanks bro-in-law!

27 06 2008
Jennifer James

I am so glad you are posting again. I totally agree with the “are those bullet holes!” comment being kind of….um…inane.

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