I’m Back!

25 06 2008

It’s been a long time since I posted anything of substance, and even longer since I had any real desire to post. But the creative juices have been given the leisure time that they needed so here I am!

I’ve been working for the past six months at Village Theatre and doing very little else. Somehow, having to talk on the phone in a pleasant voice for long periods of time makes me too tired to do anything creative. Talking on the phone combined with paperwork and a stressful atmosphere guarantees that nothing else will get done.

But I quit that job (in rather spectacular fashion) and have spent the last few weeks enjoying the people in my life. Jennifer and Aaron were here for two weeks, which was SO much more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Then my friend Nikki came for four days. I lived with Nikki in New Zealand and she is on a round-the-world trip with God right now. We were incredibly blessed to have her stop in our humble corner of the world.

Most of the old high school gang is now old enough to have things to do in the summer, so it’s pretty quiet around here these days. I don’t mind it, somehow. Granted, I’ve been super busy with people coming to stay but it’s just not that tragic having lots of time to myself. I’ve taken to going on four, five or even six mile walks in the evenings. I just walk around, talk to God and thank Him for things that come across my path. If you can picture it; me in my dad’s baseball cap, talking to (seemingly) myself, occasionally gesturing wildly as I thank God for bicycles.

It’s pretty good times.

I have also had some time to paint, draw and write. All of the above is a BIG deal. When I am working all of the emotionally energy I have gets sucked into doing my job well and there’s nothing left for artistic expression.

Though, to be honest, I do enjoy having a job. This summer will be very strange with no work to do.

What else…? My best friend is on a mission trip in Africa right now, so if you have a second to pray for her that would be great. Not to mention her poor fiancee who has to go two months without seeing her!

I feel more loved right now than I ever have before. This is primarily because God has helped me get rid of all the extraneous male persons in my life. Everyone in my life now loves me for just who I am and I don’t have to prove anything to any of them. It’s a wonderful kind of freedom.

Oh! Also, I am going to start a second blog for just my art. At least, I think I will. It will serve a two-fold purpose in getting me organized and forcing me to sit down and do stuff. I’ll post when it’s all set up.

Hope life continues well for all of you.

It’s nice to be back.




2 responses

26 06 2008
Father Smith

Glad to have ya back!

26 06 2008
Jennifer James

I am so glad you posted again! And I love the bit about the bicycles. Today I thanked God for vacuum cleaners.

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