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1 05 2008

My friend Jason Ericson, who I’ve long believed to be cool, has suddenly achieved a status equal to “AMAZING”. I’ve just downloaded his CD of original piano compositions and it’s really beautiful stuff. And I’m not just saying that because he likes to argue with me and therefore comes with extra points. Nor am I saying it because he lives in Nash, my favorite dorm. Nor because he spent longer in NZ than I did. This stuff is really truly beautiful.

Those of you who know my lifelong love affair with the Beauty in life will understand why I am so enthusiastic.


Check it out at




5 responses

1 05 2008
Jennifer James

ooo he lives in Nash! Very nice. Um and I think you are splendid. And pretty.

I am sure Jason is cool too.

1 05 2008

Thanks Jen! I think you are splendid and pretty and so is your husband and so is your bean.

3 05 2008

i wish I knew what the bean looked like, and why this child insists on pinching me.

9 05 2008

Wah! I just saw this! Hahaha, thanks a lot!

20 05 2008
Jennifer James

Are you ever going to post again?

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