A day in the life of…

30 04 2008

Hello Universe from the Great Eastside!


I had a wonderful weekend this weekend. After work on Sunday I made a “Bellingham” playlist for my iPod and hopped in mom’s car.  By some miracle I had Sunday evening as well as Monday off and it’d been too long since I’d seen my bestest (and newly engaged) friend.


Stacie and I got some dinner, looked at bridal magazines in Fred Meyer, read stupid cards and talked to Scottie. We stopped by Jason and Ben’s room and said hi to Jason. (Who looked borderline shocked when we opened his door.) Stacie were both a little sleepy and were just going to curl up to watch a Danny Kaye movie when into her dorm room walked Ben Davenport.


Now, to understand what a miracle this is you would have to hear the back story. My sophomore year of college I signed up for a music theory class. Good idea right? Not when you don’t read music, have never played an instrument for more than a year and have NO background in music theory. It was a baby class and it was kicking my butt. Enter Ben. He lives in Nash and, when I told Stacie of my musical woes she mentioned her ‘voice major friend’ Ben. He got me through that class with some help from Stacie. Now, that was two years ago and evne though we are friends on facebook and I’ve been up to Western multiple times, we’ve never actually met.


So I finally got to meet Ben Davenport and he shanghaied Stacie and I to go and pray for a girl in Mathes. (sp?) Turns out this girl has been having panic attacks and some serious demonic attack. So that was a divine appointment.


Afterwards I made Ben eat sixlets, we talked to Stacie’s roomie for an hour or so and then went to bed. 


The next day Stacie skipped class, we went to the mall and had coffee in a great little coffee shop on Railroad St.


Also this weekend I planted my herb garden. I have basil, mint, dill, french lavender, rosemary, a small white rose bush, marjoram, thyme and Italian parsley (which we bought thinking that it was cilantro). Most of those are in pots and around the base of the pots we planted sweet peas.  Now if I can keep my dad from “weeding” in that bed and inadvertently digging up all my plants, we’ll be in business. I like English gardens and so am inherently irritated when there is visible dirt in any garden of mine. Hopefully by mid June it’ll be nice and full.


In more recent news- I am spending Friday being the face of Village Theatre during the Issaquah art walk. Basically schmoozing for a few hours and hopefully selling some subscriptions.


Next Monday my mom and I leave for Disneyland, before which time I have to buy a new camera, also some board shorts. Who else would go to Disneyland for their 21st birthday? (Yes, Jason I know you would… it’s why we’re friends. Remind me that I want a copy of your piano CD.)


And, for pure enjoyment, three things you might not have known about me.
1) I like to eat crushed ice water.
2) I was just accepted to the University of Oregon. Hence I must decide whether to be a feather duster or a duck.
3) I enjoy so many different hobbies that I am sometimes boggled when choosing how to spend my time.




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