Well now I am confused

15 04 2008

I have come to two conclusions because of my last post. 1) Just because something is ugly/destructive doesn’t mean that the greater world wouldn’t call it art. Art doesn’t HAVE to be uplifting to be art, at least not to most people. I think that only God creates and thus creativity is a gift from God. Movies, paintings etc that do not edify or add beauty to the world are not art. But my definition is not everyone’s so we’ll have to let it go at that. 2) I shouldn’t write slap-dash posts that are going to be controversial.

My bad.




2 responses

15 04 2008

Haha, no way, slap-dash, controversial posts are the best! Although for your own sanity maybe just don’t do them too often. I speak from experience on that one…

Seriously though, I really liked your last post. Very good stuff to think about.

15 04 2008

Thanks Jason. I like having friends who challenge my assumptions and logic. It makes life so much more interesting when your friends don’t just assume that you are right. (Which a lot of mine do… it must be something about being tall and good at making stuff up.)

Your new website looks great, btw, and I want a copy of that piano CD.

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