Meghan’s “List of the Day”

15 04 2008

Last night as I was watching Star Wars with my daddy (prior to going over to the Monsours to be fed a lovely dinner) I decided to make a list of all the things I want to learn how to do. I tried to think of the most helpful skills/talents that a person can have in the modern world. I hope to study all of them and become the most useful human being possible.

1) Tumbling
2) Spanish
3) French
4) Sleight of hand
5) Tap Dancing
6) Singing
7) Writing html
8) Higher level mathematics
9) Sailing knots
10) Playing piano
11) Driving a stick shift
12) Kayaking
13) Stage Combat
14) Basic self-defense
15) The Dewey Decimal system
16) Draping and cutting (They’re sewing terms)
17) Hydroponics

If I think of any more I’ll add them…




4 responses

17 04 2008
Aaron James

Can I just say that I like the fact that your list turned your #8 into a cool sunglass smiley face.

We’ll knock out the drive a stick shift one when you come out in may. Also, I would like to have some mad graphic arts skillz one day.

17 04 2008


Thou hast made an excellent point, oh most esteemed brother-in-law. Graphic arts fo sho. Also how to shoot different types of guns.

17 04 2008
Aaron James

Yeah, guns. I can get you started on that goal next time we visit Kentucky. Aubrey’s fiancee’s grandfather has a shotgun range set up in his back yard and I still want to teach Jennifer to shoot a .22.

18 04 2008

I had an awesome time shooting, other than the fact it was freezing. I suppose next time we go, I’ll have to put ear protectors over my belly too. Just in case. What did Lynn make you to eat? I love hearing people describe food.

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