A Long Awaited Party

3 04 2008

Well, not quite. My twenty-first birthday IS next Monday, though, which I think is pretty stinkin’ awesome. Most twenty-year-olds look forward to this momentous birthday like starving people look forward to their next meal. I am non-plussed. I like birthdays, but I already know what my two big presents are so there isn’t that unwrapping-gifts excitement.

Did I mention that I am going to see Wicked?

Or that I am going to Disneyland?

 But enough about birthdays… Much has happened since last I wrote to you all.

I got into the Conservatory that I really want to go to, and Asbury lost every single piece of paper that I sent to them. I’ve also decided to apply to U of O. I don’t know what our neighborhood will do if I get in since my dad and our Oregonian neighbors have been going at it for years in a State to State college football rivalry. It would shake Windsor Heights down to its’ core.

Here is a cool God story in the making; I need $100,000 for school no matter where I go. Between getting a new car, paying tuition, room and board and incidentals, $100,000 would just about cover it. So you can all join me in prayer for that one, and if you know any rich people who like to support intelligent, hard-working Theatre Arts/Math double majors, give them my number.

I can’t wait to see how the money shows up!

What else?

I’ve started tutoring again, in between working at Village Theatre and fighting off a nasty flu that’s flying around. You can check out the VT blog if you would like to, it’s pretty interesting.

I’m taking my mom and grandma to see our current production of Little Women. By now I can almost do the first act myself, but I’m still looking forward to it.

In other news, I’ve discovered that I have no trouble losing weight when I really buckle down and do it, and very little trouble maintaining my new lower weight once it has been achieved. This is good motivation to buckle down and reclaim my size six self. Not for any real reason other than I have a lot of clothes (ie pants) that I can only wear if I lose some more weight.

My boss and coworker discovered that I left my computer logged in to facebook. They spent a wonderful half hour redoing all my stats. I had several comments from people wanting to know who I was engaged to… needless to say my small social sphere was thrown into an uproar. I actually liked some of the changes they made, though, so I left them in. No, I am NOT enganged.

I miss writing and intend to get back into it. Discipline and some down time would be helpful….

So no party plans, indeed no plans at all for my 21st other than sleeping in and maybe going out to dinner.

Sorry about the hodge-podge. My prego sister wanted to know what was going on with my life. That’s it for now. I’m back in the flow of blogging so expect more soon.

Pray for money! Remember that God releases provision when we stop assuming that it’s difficult for Him to do so! (Also, I’d love to pray for you if you have any requests.)




2 responses

4 04 2008
Jennifer James

Prego is thankful you posted. And calling me prego makes me sound like I am a brand of spaghetti sauce.

The woman who fired me at work referred to my current state both as “my delicate condition” and be saying that I was “with child.” She was completely serious and it was so funny it was everything I could do not to laugh at how uncomfortable she was to be laying off someone who is pregnant. Seriously. With child? Who says that? Are we Amish?

7 04 2008
Father Smith


A special Bday Post is awaiting your viewing at the EIJ Bloggo. And a mighty big Happy Yo Day to you!

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