On Hiatus

22 03 2008

Since my sister has been laid off (and therefore no longer has internet access) and the box office version of hell week* has hit, I am going to be on hiatus for a while. Please check back every few days or so, I’ll hopefully post something soon.

 *”Hell week” is also known as ‘tech week’ in theatre. During every play you have on week of really long, really intense rehearsels. The box office version is really long hours of really intense, really complex work. Except, our hell week will last until the first part of June.




5 responses

24 03 2008
Father Smith

Will wait for your return!

28 03 2008

come back soon! i miss you!

30 03 2008
Jennifer James

No seriously, come back soon because I have no idea what’s going on in your life, You’d better tell me what movies you want, or your bday present is going to be late!

1 04 2008

im confused as to what this means….. o.O

2 04 2008
Jennifer James

Ack please post again! I do have a computer sometimes! POST I MEAN IT. GRRRRRR Or face the preggers wrath!

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