Purple Daisies are Rare Beasties

13 03 2008

Or “How do you title a blog about randomness?”

I have noticed something very strange that happens to me every time I am in the parking lot of my bank. My remote unlock button for my car never works. Not once in the last four years. I find this puzzling because, as far as I know, there is no specific invention that jams radio signals from car remotes. Nor is there any reason for such a device to be in the Pine Lake shopping center parking lot. Moreover, this hypothetical jamming thingie does not affect the suburban soccer moms. They jump in and out of their over-sized Alkida-enabling, gas-guzzling SUV’s like bunnies with too much make-up.

I’m just saying.

And here’s another oddity of my world- I habitually reflect on the nature of the universe and our cultural small-mindedness while driving to work. Work happens to be a place where I consistently fall into blindness to the nature of the universe and become frustrated with patrons in a very small-minded way. This seems like it should be some kind of paradox, but is really just a sad picture of humanity at large. 

However, unlike a lot of people, I do try to count to ten and bless people instead of taking offense at their passive aggressiveness or inherent denseness. [I shan’t apologize for grammar… it’s hard enough getting a blog post written at work without having to be grammatically correct about it.] 

I have a new discovery that each and every one of you should love as I do. (Because, along with the rest of America, I buy into the idea that if I like something the rest of the country should too.) Celtic Thunder is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now, to be honest, they are extremely raw. You can tell that whoever their director/producer/manager is has them on the tightest of leashes. Every move is choreographed, every singer fits neatly into their niche, and their songs are pointedly chosen to please the greatest number of people.
And I love it.
I’ve watched parts of it three times since Saturday. I’m a sucker for PBS specials anyway, because you can draw or puzzle (puzzle is now a verb) and listen without having to watch what’s going on. It’s like glorified radio.

I’ve just learned that, not only did two of my favorite Skyline theatre kids get great parts in the spring musical, but Ziebart and Henderson are finally casting against type. This bodes well for the future of the program since a great theatre program allows it’s participants to work to the breadth of their abilities.

I got into the school that I wanted to go to. Now I’m working on convincing my mum that a combination school visit/Disneyland trip needs to happen sometime in the next month. I have thirty days to submit my acceptance to the school, you see, and I’d like to visit it before I make my final decision.

God and I are working on something major right now. I’m not sure what exactly is going on but I am agitated a lot and by strange things. We’ll see what happens with that.

Let’s see, what else?

My sister’s baby is the size of a kidney bean, which is pretty cool, and I found it a onesie that says “My Aunt is a Hottie”.

So that’s life according to Meghan. Have a lovely day!




3 responses

15 03 2008
Father Smith

The key remote problem may relate more to the fact that your ride has 243,000 miles to its name! Even old explorers get tired and weary:)

15 03 2008

Yes but it ONLY happens in the Pine Lake parking lot. Everywhere else it works just fine.

18 03 2008

I wish I could just have you here to read to me your thoughts every day! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I love your writing. and I LOVE YOU! You’re amazing dear one. Just amazing.

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