TICA Part 2: Acceptance of Status Quo

7 03 2008

Let me lead off by reminding everyone that I am not a political activist in the normal sense and I don’t think the whole world needs to subscribe to my exact patterns of thought.


Since when did it become ok to accept hate/malice/crooked business practices and de-huminization because “that’s the way things are”.  I watched an “succesful” member of the fashion world look a crying girl straight in the eyes and say “This is a very cruel business” as though that excused anything.

I beg your pardon but just because the fashion industry’s lifeblood is the self-esteem and health of thousands of young people does not make it ok. Not even close! It’s the same way with Hollywood. “This business is about sex”, “if you aren’t pretty you won’t sell”, “if you don’t push the envelope and disturb the public it’s not art and [what’s worse] you won’t make any money”, “money is the only god”.

I am so damned fed up! (Excuse the language, please).

But the myths go deeper than even Hollywood or the fashion industry can drive them. Politics (“You say what they want to hear, once you’re in office you aren’t beholden to anyone”). Family (“If you don’t do everything you are told you don’t deserve love”). Work (“You have to put in more than 40 hours a week or you’ll lose your job to someone more dedicated.)

This may be the way our culture operates now, but shrugging it off and accepting it does NOTHING. You will notice that it’s the people already on the top who so easily dismiss the flaws of their sector. Designers and top models like the unnatural expectations. Using them they can decrease competition and propogate the lie that their “look” is what is desirable. Politicians shamelessly manipulate the established order to achieve their own ends. The powers that be in Hollywood are able to shove their agenda down the throats of the entire world with little or no resistance. Because “that’s just the way things are”.

This is the worst kind of bondage that human beings can be in. It’s a cage of lies and half-truths that keeps most of the world from walking into everything they are and can be. You will never sell me on the idea that anyone should have to do anything to earn love or compassion.

I would challenge anyone who happens to stumble across this post to live free from these expectations and social norms.

This is not how it was meant to be and it breaks my heart.

You can be healthy and beautiful.

You don’t have to let them break you to have success.

If you aren’t comfortable with something you are not required to do it.

Your body is your own. Gaurd it.

There is no cause so great that you should sacrifice your honor and your consciense in pursuit of it.

You do not have to earn love.

Who you are is enough.




5 responses

7 03 2008
Jennifer James

I like the last bit the best. I think it speaks volumes in one tiny sentence.

I can’t wait to see you, an actress, with integrity!

“I don’t do naked.”

7 03 2008

Yep, I have had enough of this system. It needs a major overhaul and I am more than pleased to have a hand in it.

Because it’s true,
“I don’t do naked”

10 03 2008
Jennifer James

I would be your butt double.

11 03 2008

I appreciate that sacrifice. I really do.

11 03 2008
Jennifer James

Biscuit double!

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