TICA Part 1: People

4 03 2008

Here begins a new series I am calling “TICA” which is an acronym for Things I Care About.  I have spent considerable energy of late making mental lists of things I care about. Not just have vague thoughts about but things that make me cry/get spitting mad/laugh really hard.

The first thing on my list is People. Humanity at large and individuals in my space.

I like people. I like that some people laugh at bad jokes and others look vaguely offended. I like that there’s a kid in our neighborhood who I have never once seen smile and who we call The Professor. I like that my boss wanders around organizing when her work gets too overwhelming. Cleaning is her coping mechanism.

It’s cool that people HAVE coping mechanisms. Mine are hot baths, my cat and sleep. Some people prefer extreme sports or driving too fast.

No-one on earth thinks the same way as anyone else. I see things as shapes, colours, movie quotes and song lyrics. There are people out there who never dream in colour.

Yes, people can be irritable, cranky, nasty and short-tempered. Some are selfish, self-centered and self-protective. People can be malicious and sneaky and sometimes you just want to hit a few of them.

However, that doesn’t disqualify them from their status as human. No matter how mean, smelly, annoying someone is, they are still a person and therefore deserving of every consideration possible. Sometimes I’ve got grace to love the irritating ones, and some days I don’t. On the days that I don’t I hide myself in the bonus room and try not to talk too much.

Seriously, though, even on their worst days when they make me frustrated and short-tempered myself, I can still say that I honestly LIKE other people. The idiosyncratic tendencies, the humour and silliness and everything else that makes people people is wonderful to me.

This is why I like customer service jobs and hate retail. When I work retail I feel as though I am taking advantage of people. I don’t like doing that, even when I have to.

I hope to be the kind of person that is always availible, always ready with a smile and consistently helpful to those around me. To serve is my greatest aim.

(And on that note… we are no longer allowed to be on the internet at work. So I’m going to get off now before someone kicks my butt.)




2 responses

4 03 2008
Jennifer James

It’s so funny, because I always figured you’d be the quiet one and I’d be the outgoing one. I think it ended up reversing now that we are all growns up. Thoguh I think we are both versatile enough to be both…

5 03 2008
Father Smith


You are!

Father Smith

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