Another Post About Food

29 02 2008

I’ve been reading my sister’s blog while at work. This is never a good idea because it makes me hungry. However, today I have insurance against Jennifer-induced munchies. It is called “The Manager is out of the Box Office and we are having a party”!

We’ve got Jamba Juice, kettle corn, pistachios, pears, oranges and graham crackers with frosting. Not only that, but hardly anyone has called yet which leaves lots of time for Facebook and blogging.

Life is sweet.




7 responses

29 02 2008
Jennifer James

oh my gosh I want pistachio’s so bad!
Every time I eat, I can’t wait for the next meal…lol I am going to be a walrus by the time this is over.

(please God, don’t let me be a walrus….)

29 02 2008

Nawh. If you eat foods that are good for tiny bean and exercise regularly (which is also good for tiny bean) you won’t become a walrus.

29 02 2008
Jennifer James

Can’t hear you, am wallowing on the floor, flapping my flippers….

oh for some food right now! I am so hungry….. Is walking from the car to the restaraunt a work out?

I always take the stairs, not the elevator!

29 02 2008

Lol. Baby steps (no pun intended) but bean likes light cardio at least four times a week. Bean really likes swimming and stair climbing!

I haz bucket.

NO they be stealin’ mah bucket

29 02 2008
Jennifer James

Bean will enjoy swimming this summer, I know it! I told mom I am going to buy a black two piece, and she said good luck not getting stretch marks. i forgot about that…

I WISH I had four nights a week to work out, but we don’t, with small groups and grocery shopping etc. I am pushing for four times a week, but it’s hard!

Have you seen my bucket??

29 02 2008

I no haz bucket. Srry

3 03 2008
Jennifer James

iz ok. I wil find bucket elzewhere.

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