I Can Haz [rage]

27 02 2008

It should be “I haz degree” but due to the over political stuck-up-ness of most four year universities, I can haz rage.

Lots of it.

I went to Bellevue Community College for a little less than two years. I got my AA, graduated with high distinction and am a nationally certified math tutor. And yet, these schools will only accept some of my credits, seem to think that BCC is a slacker school and that I am silly for not bowing to their academic gods from day one.

But really, I’m only a little bitter.

And it’s no big. Regardless of their snobbery (or lack thereof, depending on the school) God can get me in if I’m meant to be there.

But seriously. Reality check, people!




4 responses

27 02 2008
Dave Gray

That’s the deal. Was 32 years ago, is now. Back then I took CLEPs to prove what I knew, so the four year school could tell where to place me. 🙂

27 02 2008
Jennifer James

hahhahaah, this title cracked me up. YOU are so smart, it pains me sometimes. I have no doubt you and God will get you exactly where you need to go!

You rocks. I can has love for sisters?

27 02 2008

I can haz MUCH love for sisters!

27 02 2008
Jennifer James

oh good! I think all your credits count, and it’s a shame that big schools won’t just look at your awesome grades and let you in!

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