A Quick Way to Feel Better About Life

21 02 2008

Honestly there are lots of ways to feel better quickly when you’ve got a bad case of the blues. However, my ways do not involve thinking of how much better off you are than the next guy. I’ve heard more than one person refer to comparison as cancer of the soul and I agree. It’s always destructive to one’s spirit.

 My ways are a little bit less fancy.

First way:
     All you have to do is pick the most frustrating/irritating person you know and repeatedly say out loud that you are thankful for them. Seriously! It works.

Second way:
      Do something that you don’t like doing to help someone out. When I wake up grumpy I do the dishes. It makes my mom smile and I feel like I’m contributing which makes me smile.

Third way:
     Get out of the house/building/cubicle and go for a walk. Throughout the walk leap wildly into the air, scream aloud or whistle off-key. Pet a dog. Play a game of pick-up frisbee or basketball.

Fourth way:
     Take a nap. Nothing does away with the grumps (which are often brought on by exhaustion and hunger) quicker than a nap followed by afternoon tea. This way is my favorite.

Fifth way:
    Call a friend and demand that they tell you a story. The ensuing “um…I….wha….?” is medicine for the funny bone.

Sixth way:
    Dance a jig. Or air-guitar. I’ve heard air-guitar is the new singing-into-a-hairbrush.

Have a big day!




5 responses

21 02 2008
Jason Ericson

The thing about air guitar is that pretty much no matter how good (or bad) you are at guitar, your air guitar playing is way better. Or my other solution is to play actual guitar to music, but crank the music so loud that I can’t hear all the mistakes I’m making from jumping around so much. (Seriously, rock stars make it look SO EASY but I just can’t get it.)

21 02 2008
Aaron James

You know what cheers me up? A single piece of dove dark chocolate, eaten slowly in four bites.

21 02 2008
Aaron James

Wait that was Jennifer, not Aaron

21 02 2008

I was going to say… I knew Aaron was my special brother but I didn’t know he was THAT special.

Combining air guitar and chocolate sounds messy…

22 02 2008
Jennifer James

HAh, yeah I left all kinds of girly messages under his name when I was sick on the couch using his computer yesterday.

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