A Conversation: After World’s End

20 02 2008

“Don’t lose me!”

“I’ve only just found you.”

“I know. I can’t see anything.”

“Neither can I, but I can feel your hand in mine.”

“Yes. It’s comforting, isn’t it?”

“Strangely so…”

“I wasn’t sure that there was anyone else in the whole world. It’s been so dark for so long.”

“I was sure I was alone. I’m glad we’ve found each other.”

“Yes. How did that happen?”

“Chance. Fate. Destiny. Who cares? The thing of it is, I don’t know where we are.”

“I’ve been here for a long time, but I couldn’t tell you.”

“You haven’t any idea?”

“Only that it’s dangerous and we have to be very careful.”

“Yes, but all places are dangerous. I want to know why this one is so, and where we should go from here.”

“We go forward.”

“Which was is forward?”

“This way, I think. Here, take my other hand and stand next to me.”


“Yes. That feels right. Now we will walk.”


“Not slowly, but not so fast that we stumble.”

“But how will we know when we get there?”

“Get where?”

“Wherever we’re going.”

“The same way we knew that we’d found each other. It will be there in front of us and we will go to meet it.”

“Shall I lead?”

“Please do.”

“I’ve not spoken to anyone since the world went dark. I think they’ve all died.”

“Yes I suppose they have. I do not remember much. It was light and then there was only blackness and cold winds.”

“Do you remember sunlight?”

“I remember warmth.”

“Do you remember family?”

“I remember smiles. All the faces have faded, but the smiles I remember.”

“I remember clover and the feel of rain on my face.”

“It hasn’t rained in ages.”

“No. But I remember how it felt.”

“It would be lovely to feel that again.”

“Nothing could be better.”

“Something might…”


“I’d like to see your face.”

“There hasn’t been any light for ages and ages. It’s not possible.”

“I know and it frightens me.”

“Here, hold my hands more tightly. I will not leave.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.”




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