The Magical Musings of Meghan

19 02 2008

My friend Jason wrote a blog post about politics today. You should read some of the comments. They’re enough to make you weep, laugh and pull your hair out all at the same time. I mention is because I was going to write something similarly deep and insightful but then I realized two things 1) I’m at work where frequent interruptions make deep and insightful nigh unto impossible and 2) I have NO idea what I would write about.

Therefore, I shall do what I am next-best at: rambling!

There are buds on the trees now. I noticed them through the fog of hard exercise as I was running home from the gym today. Moreover, there was actual fog making everything misty and Jane Austen-ish. I kept hoping Mr Darcy would come running out of an open garage, sweep me up into his arms and ask why I wasn’t wearing a corset. It didn’t happen, but it made for some good imagining.

I don’t think that people should be allowed to have more than one hideous lap-dog at a time. There were far too many people out walking little beasties of indescriminate colour and unidentifiable breed. Buy a real dog, why dontcha?!

I like it when the young folk are on break from school. There are far fewer people taking up machines and oxygen at the gym. Pet peeve- teenage boys who park it on a machine and watch TV for extended periods of time. Stop faking! I know you aren’t resting between sets!

I think children’s books are highly under-rated. Some of my favorite books in the world are, to this day, children’s books. The Secret Staircase, Ten in the Bed, My Dad the Magnificent. I want to someday have the world’s largest collection of children’s books.

If I could have any talent which I do not already possess it would be singing. I hang out with too many singers and it creates all kinds of songbird envy. Much of my time is spent repenting.

Why is “moist” such a gross word and “billet” such a great one?

I don’t really believe that Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea. Anything that fire-and-smoky would have a healthy fear of water!

And one last thing…

The frankle goes in front!




3 responses

20 02 2008
Jason Ericson

Yeah I think I’m gonna come retreat in the sanity of your blog now. (On the plus side, my last post has received way more comments than anything else…)

See what you have to realize about those teenage boys that it’s less about actually getting fit and more about building up self-esteem by even being in the gym in the first place. I speak from experience. I mean yeah it’s a waste of money and everybody else’s time but…okay yeah it’s annoying.

And I don’t understand why everyone thinks the word “moist” is gross. There are much worse words available such as “titillate” or “penalization” (ecchhhhh…maybe I could have kept that to myself…)

20 02 2008

Thanks for the smile! And for the *laughable* thought that my blog represents sanity.

I think moist is gross mostly because of the images it conjures up. Orifices and caverns and sponges that’ve been left in the sink. Ech! I’ve just given myself the oogies. (A blend of squirms/knots in stomach and dry heaves).

I see… there is a point to the teenage boy madness. I guess I understand that. I put on weight-lifting gloves and immediatly feel twice as cool as I do normally. That is to say, a little bit cool. But seriously, let’s do some power sets and keep things moving!

21 02 2008
Jennifer James

Everyone knows the frankle goes in the front! (When I was about 4, I had this tutu, with a ruffly thing on the bodice. We have a home video of me gesturing to the ruffle and telling my dad, who was filming, that the frankle goes in the front.)

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