17 02 2008

Last night I had a novel experience. I went to a movie on a Saturday night of opening weekend. Obviously there were other movies playing and not everyone was there to see Jumper, but there were heaps of people there.  Familys, couples, gaggles of teenagers; all doing the same thing on a Saturday night.

I think I need to move.

I had mixed feelings about Jumper and shall elaborate further in the following review.

Good Stuff:
     –Hayden “I’m so pretty” Christensen did much better than I expected. I believed him when he cried and liked the boyish awkwardness that his character never seemed to leave behind.
    -I love Jamie Bell and would gladly pay $10 to see him in anything. 
    -The special effects were impressive, and the thought-processes behind what ‘jumping’ does to the surrounding world showed creativity.
    – The ever-present blockbuster chick was less irritating than I expected. I would have liked her better if she hadn’t been so obviously malnourished. I find it morally objectionable to continually place stick-thin girls in front of the teenage population of America. We hold them up as idols and wonder why no-one under 18 has any self-esteem. 

Bad Stuff:
   – The plot had way more potential than was actually developed.
   – There was a [brief] sex scene that was not only completely unnecessary but felt really contrived.
   – Jamie Bell’s character could have been developed to a much greater extent. In fact, all of them could have been. By the end of the movie I still didn’t KNOW anything about them. ie, there was a great lack of subtext. You may not need subtext if your text is Shakespeare but when your script is as shallow as this one, you need all the subtext you can get!

  I genuinely liked this movie. It was entertaining and fun, and for the most part I was pleasantly suprised. My inclination is to say that you should wait and rent it.

    Good company makes up for great ills and I had lots of fun. Anything that the movie lacked was compensated for by the very twitchy Jason, the best-laugh-I’ve-ever-heard Brian, the ever-so-silent Amy and my dear friend Rebecca. 

   Good times…



10 responses

17 02 2008
Jason Ericson

Eh, actually I more or less agree with you. I tend to not care so much when movies don’t explain things though. Like a lot of critics didn’t like the fact that we hardly learned anything about the paladins or Jamie Bell’s backstory or anything like that, but I didn’t feel like it needed to. I really liked the characters as well, but that’s usually a personal preference thing.

And can you remember that part that Brian laughed so evilly at? I was trying to remember yesterday. Like when he let out that really long cackle.

18 02 2008

Maybe the bit with the flame-thrower? For sure the part where Jamie was peeing on the Colosseum.

I’m glad you agree with me. Worth seeing once but I wouldn’t buy it.

18 02 2008
Jason Ericson

Ohhhhhh yeah it was probably the flame-thrower. And yeah, it wasn’t anything like how I felt after I watched Fantastic Four – basically the best thing I could say was that it didn’t feel like a COMPLETE waste of ten bucks…

18 02 2008
Jennifer James

Hey Meghan- I am glad you went and saw that movie. Nice breakdown of what did and didn’t work. Maybe I shall watch it on dvd.

I dislike that skinny girl. Her face is funny.

18 02 2008
Jennifer James

p.s. tiny bean says hi aunt meghan

18 02 2008
Aaron James

You can read the novel when you are here. I have it somehow but have never read it.

18 02 2008
Jennifer James

It’s not that good. I like the movie better and I haven’t even seen it.

You could still read it if you want.

18 02 2008

I would like that. I was wondering what I’d read while I am was there. Did I mention that I’m bringing back your Hugoo?

19 02 2008

You can keep that huggooo…. I have a big one too.

19 02 2008

WOW! That’s a big stinkin’ deal.

Someday I shall buy you fancy sparkly jewelry as a thank you.

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