A Monologue I read…

16 02 2008

The other day I read a monologue that began “Am I in the world? And if so, where in the world am I?”

And it’s my new favorite monologue. The character is Lady Maud and she is a painting that has just come to life. She becomes confused when the other portraits in the gallery are unfamiliar. It turns out that she is one of a long line of unlucky owners of the castle. There’s something about a curse that allows the castle to be owned only by blood descendants. Anyway… the portrait of Lady Maud ends up falling in love with the portrait of Sir something-or-other.

Point being, it cracks me up. She is incredibly unimpressed with the quality of the other portraits (hers was painted by Da Vinci) and goes on at length about it….

Can you tell I’m at work and bored?




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