Did I mention I have the coolest sister ever?

15 02 2008

Because I do.

 This morning as I was suiting up to run I got a phone call. Mom called me in from the laundry room where I was wrestling into my coat, hat, shoes and socks. She caught me mid-process so I had to toddle out with only one shoe on, one foot making vain attempts to stuff itself into the sock clutched in my right hand.

Only to find out that, not only do I get to go and visit her at the end of May, but we are GOING TO SEE “WICKED”!!! The fact that I’ll be able to go with her to get a drink before or after the show only makes it that much better.

Life is SO good from where I’m sitting. Never mind the 11 hour shift I have today.

Loving you. Loving life.




7 responses

15 02 2008
Jennifer James

I’ll even buy you a glass of ridiculously overpriced champagne during intermission.

I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome! We’ll have a total girls weekend, and we can talk all about it when you come visit me this weekend! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AND MY MOOTHER!

15 02 2008

HOORAY! And there was much rejoicing.

No, seriously. This is the best birthday present EVER and I love you! (I’d love you anyway, but ya know…)

15 02 2008
Jennifer James

And you’ll get to hang out all weekend!

I can’t wait to see you and mom, we are going to eat cracker barrel friday night, go shopping, cook some good food…
did I mention work is hideously boring today?

15 02 2008

I’ll trade you. I have a stack of proofing to do that would make the most genial person in the world want to break noses.

But more importantly… Cracker Barrel!

15 02 2008
Jennifer James

Yes, delicious hashbrown casserole.

Seriously I am so bored, I’m checking everyone’s blogs about 20 thousand times.

15 02 2008

I wish I had time to leave you another update. You get to go home in 40 minutes, though! Whoot!

18 02 2008
Jennifer James

I like updates. You are a good sister to type so lovingly for me….

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