Valentines Day: A tribute

14 02 2008


One of my youngest friends (I think she’s about eight) informed me last week that there are two reasons that she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. One is that it’s a pagan holiday (!) and two there is so much candy (!!).

I’ve also often heard the old “V-day sucks when you aren’t with somebody” complaint. But really, it doesn’t have to be like that. Personally, I intend on celebrating by getting a haircut and showing some love to my excellent hair stylist, Zoe. Mom and I are also off the the temple of consumerism (ie Bellevue Square) to have a shopping date. We like to wander around and try stuff on while sipping hot drinks and chatting about life. There will be limited purchasing of things unless something happens to be very much on sale. It’s a good way to spend the day when you love your mom and don’t have to work.

And while this is one of the more lame holidays, absorbed as it has been into the consumerist mentality, I love it still. And yes, it may be a pagan holiday and yes, it’s hard on a girl’s figure, but honestly it’s so much darned FUN! On what other day do you see so many bunches of flowers headed out of your local grocery store? On what other day is it permissible to eat an entire box of candy while watching a movie you love with someone you love? On what other day does the Skyline Jazz Choir wander the halls in pink and red everything singing classic love songs to unwary passers-by? I like red. I like pink. I LIKE VALENTINE’S DAY. Even if it does make me hideously awkward to have any of that love directed my way.

However, this day is not about me. This day is about my ever-lovely big sis, Jennifer. Today is her birthday and we are doing happy dances like mad over here. Frankly, I am so selfishly grateful that she was born on this day. When she was living at home I never lacked a fancy restaurant to go to or a date on Valentines Day. Granted, we were out as a family and she always picked the restaurant, but you can’t feel lonely surrounded by a fantastically funny family.

Jennifer is (and has always been) my excuse not to focus on my perpetual single-hood and instead focus on my big sis who loves me just as much as I love her. (Ahoy the dock!)

So Happy Birthday Fer. I’m loving you today.




4 responses

14 02 2008
Jennifer James

Ahoy the shoe boat. You may go on and tell delightful memories of growing up with me, your wonderful sister.

tee hee. I loves you today! Pix message me your new haircut when you get it!

14 02 2008

Otay! Loving you much.

14 02 2008
Jennifer James

I am looooving you…. (which is easy cuz you’re beautifulllllllll)

14 02 2008
Father Smith

Dear Meghan,

I love your heart! What a beautiful woman you are. There are no words to express what a joy you are in my life. I’m so glad you are my daughter…who else likes to sit and watch rat movies with me! Happy Happy Valentines Day.

Love Dad

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