I made a discovery

13 02 2008

People think my life is interesting. Moreover, they think that it is more interesting than my stories.

I know this because no-one reads my blog when I post stories.

 So I shall proceed to give you humorous anecdotes, interesting observations and issues of the heart. Truth, as it turns out, is more interesting than fiction.

Today I was woken up by my mother saying “Come on! It’ll be fun once we get there.” She was referring to the gym and my half-dead reply was as appropriate as I could make it; “lies!”.

I woke up so hideously grumpy that I almost couldn’t believe myself. I was pissed off for no good reason. I managed to get my carcass in the car and to the gym before turning to my mom and said “I am SO grumpy and I don’t know why!”   She started praying for me and I started crying.

And, as my family will tell you, there’s no crying in baseball. There is even less crying when you are working out with the teenage boys on a Wednesday morning. So I pulled myself up by my boot straps and went to pump iron.

Twenty minutes later I was laughing while chucking a medicine ball at my mother. (She was catching it and throwing it back, I wasn’t having a further meltdown.)

And now I’m at work, non-grumpy and feeling very ab-tastic.

And the non-grumpy is good because our system crashed for 45 minutes today during out morning rush. It’s almost one and I’ve just finished doing catch-up calls. Yikes.

Have a big day!




5 responses

13 02 2008
Jennifer James

hmph. I am highly offended at being called no one! I read your blog when you post stories, and think they are highly humorous and very wonderfulmus.

I am having a small group over tonight, and between the triple chunk brownies I made for them, and the cupcakes the girls at work made for me, you might not get to see me thin, as I will have undone all my hard work to skinny myself before you get here!

13 02 2008
Aaron James

I enjoy your stories as well. And, as we all know a James vote is worth at least 4 regular votes. (We’re still waiting for the federal government up to get up to speed on this one)

P.s. Mmmm. . . Brownies.

13 02 2008
David Gray

I read your stories.

13 02 2008

Thanks guys! I appreciate you David, Jen and Aaron very much! Perhaps the flaw is not content but frequency (or lack thereof) of updates. I should write MORE so that people will read more.

It all becomes clear…

13 02 2008
Jennifer James

Yeah that’s what does it, I just get angry when I come check this out 14000 times a day AND NO NEW UPDATES!


Yes. That is all.

Ahoy hoy.

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