Ok, so maybe I’m just slow…

31 01 2008

But I had the weirdest experience EVER last night.

I was laying in bed and my mind was wandering (as minds are wont to do when one is on the verge of sleep) and the strangest realization came over me. Now, keep in mind that this would only seem odd to me. I’m sure the rest of this world has had or does have this thought frequently.


Someday I’m going to be married.

I had one of those more-real-than-life pictures in my head of walking through Pottery Barn, holding hands with someone whose face I couldn’t see, and looking at china patterns.

I think I stopped breathing momentarily.

Somehow, in my head, my height/personality/intelligence/life-goals/odd approach to church and God omitted me from ever getting married. I honestly have never believed that I would ‘get hitched’. Until last night I didn’t even know that I thought that way!

Point being, it was a big swirl of weirdness that landed on my cranium and kept me awake for another thirty minutes.

Which is possibly why I am yawning up a storm at work today. Oh well.




6 responses

31 01 2008
Jennifer James

And the dresses will be beautiful. And they will fit. And you will be a beautiful bride to a handsome man. I can’t wait!

31 01 2008

Lol. Yes the dresses will be beautiful and they will fit. No promises about colour palette, location of the wedding or menu. Unlike most girls I (obviously) haven’t been planning this since I was five.

31 01 2008
David Gray

Though I do not doubt the natural manifestation that is to come, don’t forget that Our Bridegroom loves to show and tell us how He is looking forward to the marriage, and not just the marriage supper. I know he wants to walk through Pottery Barn with you, longing to hear and see what delights you… and showing you what He likes, too.

Mazel Tov

1 02 2008
Jason Ericson

I had a very similar experience while taking a math placement test. Seriously. Don’t know what it was, but it just sort of dawned on me that, unlikely as it was, my future wife might be sitting in this room. I’ve thought a lot about marriage before, sometimes more than is healthy, but that was the first time it really hit me.

I wasn’t really thinking about Pottery Barn though. That would just be your thing.

9 02 2008

Meghan you are delightful! I miss you – oh and make sure we get an invite to the wedding…

10 02 2008

You’re the first ones on the non-existant list. I’m going to get married somewhere cool just so you guys and my family can have an excuse for a nice vacation.

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