Lesser thoughts of a greater mind

25 01 2008

Subtitle- “Because thoughts only become great after much thinking.”

Topic 1- Running on a sunny morning.

              I went to the gym this morning wearing black stretch pants with cut off gray sweats over them. When I came down the stairs my parents laughed at me and I was confused. I’m a dancer. We’re supposed to wear gray cut-off sweats over everything. The people at the gym seemed to agree with my folks. I got more than one bemused look.
               After pounding it out for half an hour (today was an ‘arms’ day) I got suited up for the run home. Now, when I woke up this morning it was 20 degrees outside. When we left the house it was 24. And I wanted to run home.
            ‘Cause I’m just that crazy.
            But if you wear two pairs of pants, a moisture-wicking-super-swank-bright-red shirt, a sweatshirt, a Northface fleece and a hat, it’s not so bad. And, even though you can see your breath and your warmth causes condensation to form like a sci-fi personal force field, it’s a pretty great experience.
        Now, I’m not a runner. I top out at about ten-minute miles for 40 minutes. But the thing is, I actually enjoy it. I like feeling like I’m about to hurl. I like getting red-faced and scary-looking. I like when I take off my hat and my hair stands up straight. More than that, though, I like the numb-legs feeling you get after a good run.
       But the best part, as far as I am concerned, is the people. Today I got to chat with two dog-walkin’ ladies and a bus full of wee children honked at me. Not bad for a girl who looks like an over-stuffed peep when she runs.
     And, if the sun is just rightt and the weather is perfect (or if there is no sun and the weather is crummy) you can have some great prayer time while you’re pounding the pavement. I recomend it highly.


Topic 2- Shoveling quickly Priscilla 

          Or “When I ask Haidee to pick a verb, an adjective and a noun.”
          Haidee is my coworker. We sit in the front of the box office and do whatever Coral and Jen tell us to do. Today this includes correcting addresses, signing things (that we hope won’t turn out to be contracts signing away our lives) and proofing stuff for next season.
        But back to Priscilla, who was shoveling when last we met her. 
        It’s not so much that she is shoveling (though we have no idea what she is supposed to be clearing out or cleaning up) but rather why it must be done quickly.
     Maybe her husband wants to mow the lawn and she’s in charge of dog-doo clean up. Perhaps it’s that the President wants to go to the local Barnes and Noble and she’s the manager who is concerned lest he have to walk through snow. My guess is that she’s been the reluctant witness to a ticker-tape parade and now she’s cleaning up her stoop.
     Your guess is as good as mine.

 Thoughts unrelated to any particular topic but derived from a working day.

1. Everything is so much easier if done with a smile.
2. A headache can be got rid of by pinching the skin between your thumb and first finger as hard as you can.
3. It’s nice when people appreciate you/look forward to seeing you.
4. There’s nothing negative about doing what you know God wants you doing.
5. Procrastination shouldn’t contain ‘pro’. There’s nothing positive about it.
6. Airplane socks stuffed with rice makes a good wrist-rest.

And with that Jen informs me that I now have a project. *Sigh* being with you all was nice while it lasted.




4 responses

27 01 2008
Jason Ericson

I’ve always wanted to be able to run. I don’t know what it is. I don’t think I have asthma or anything, I just can’t run for more than about 30 seconds before I have trouble breathing. Meh.

But there is something though…just when you work out in whatever fashion, when you get to that point where you seriously CAN’T GO anymore, so maybe you take a break but you keep going, and going, and eventually you’re just about ready to shoot yourself. THAT is awesome. I love that feeling. It’s so fulfilling.

I need to exercise more…

28 01 2008
Jennifer James

I love exercising right now, because I am starting to be able to see the difference… Megs- how much weight have you lost so far?!

I love the overstuffed peep comment. You rock, rock on.

28 01 2008

Thus far I’ve lost four pounds. Every time I lose five I’m taking myself to the movies. (Until I reach my goal, at which point I shall STOP losing weight and not become a crazy sick obsessive stick.)

28 01 2008
Jennifer James

Yes I just posted about that. Hopefully by the time you get here I’ll be down to 140. My goal is 135, or a very muscly 140.

“Super models! Silly little stick figures with POOFY lips who think only of themselves….” – Edna “The Incredibles”

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