Things I Love a Lot

19 01 2008

It’s another day at the box office and I am not allowed to do data entry any more this week. This is a self-imposed rule but my boss doesn’t mind so we’re going to go with it. The other day I came home from work and literally could not move my right arm because it hurt so badly. It ached from wrist to elbow and I had to ice it and drive one-handed.

Point being, I thought I would entertain you all with yet another glimpse into the psyche of Meghan. What follows is a list of things that I really really enjoy.

Walking in the rain. The kind of rain that, if you want to take your iPod you have to wrap it in plastic wrap and put it inside your jacket. It’s even better if you live somewhere where you can walk in bare feet.

Movies. They are best when watched by oneself on a stormy afternoon with a pile of tiny oranges and some soda. (Or Mike’s and popcorn, either one). A close second would be watching movies very late at night with a group of really good friends.

Animals. Petting zoos rock. I feel the same way about animals that I do about small children- they’re great for cuddles but a bother to pick up after.

Books- I love almost any kind of book. Give me a blanket, a cup of tea and a pile of books. Nothing gives me the warm fuzzies more quickly.

Disneyland- It IS the happiest place on earth. My current plea parent-wise is that I would be taken to Disneyland for my 21st birthday. That would be so much more fun than drinking!

Hugs. My friend Nick Thull gives the best hugs but a hug from anyone is a happy thing.

Colouring books- It makes me feel like I’ve done art without the effort that real art demands. Colouring books + movies= very much fun!

That is all for now. Have a big day!

(If I think of more things I’ll add them in.)




4 responses

20 01 2008
Jason Ericson

Hahaha, I totally went to Disneyland for my 21st. I mean, I can’t drink anyway because of some medication I take, so it wouldn’t have really made sense to go to a bar…still, going to a character breakfast beat it out anyway. 😛

20 01 2008

Lol. Yes, well I have no objections to drinking (within reason) but I love Disneyland SO MUCH. If I had the money I’d take myself. But I don’t.

Sad day.

Point being, maybe I’ll just get a pile of Disney movies, a recording of “it’s a small world” and pretend. I’ll take what I can get.

21 01 2008
Jennifer James

Meghan- Aaron has never been to Disneyland, isn’t that a travesty?
Also- Remember when we begged for a window seat in the new house? So we could sit on it and read and watch suitors strolling below, playing their guitars?

Such romantics we are.

21 01 2008

I did not remember that! We are a live version of “I Capture the Castle”. We’ve got the window seat but suitors are sadly (not so sadly?) lacking.

I do have a guitar, though…

Romantics indeed.

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