17 01 2008

I found something very interesting today while surfing that tags on wordpress. You can read the whole thing or just the following extract.  

“To be a writer you have to think everything is more interesting than you.

Writing isn’t about exercising your ego. It’s about erasing your ego. It’s about getting out of the way of whatever needs to be said, so that it can be said in a way that does justice to the thing that’s telling you what you need to say about it.”

This is, by far, the truest thing I’ve read today. In fact, you can apply it to most things in life. We like to think we’re the center of our universe (though of course, that isn’t true) and its so nice to think of ourselves as ‘artists’ who are giving great insights to the world.

Which is complete rot.

It’s also why one of my life goals is to be one of those really influential, easily recognizable people who’s name no-one can remember. “Oh yeah, her. I saw her in that one thing, she was great! What was her name again?”

If they remember the painting/performance/speech/event/book but don’t remember my name I will consider it a job well done.

After all, it’s not about me.




4 responses

17 01 2008
John Shore

Thanks for your kind words on my piece about writing. I do appreciate it. Hey, you’re a theater person. Sometime maybe go read (off my front page, up where the “Pages” are listed) my little one-act, two-person play. See what you think. I’d be interested in your opinion. Anyway, thanks again for … well, quoting me, basically. Fun.

17 01 2008

Glad to do it. Thanks for entertaining me while I am at work. Some days it’s a little slow and you certainly gave me something to think about. I’ll have to look at that page sometime soon.

18 01 2008

I think this is really the most important thing to remember as an artist. I mean, I’ve heard similar stuff be said before, but to really actually do it, to get out of the way and let the art speak, it can be hard, and it’s not done too often. And when it is done, we often don’t notice it (surprise!).

18 01 2008

Three cheers for humility, meekness and poverty of spirit (that idea that ‘I have nothing but God can do anything)!

Those beattitudes… so wonderful!

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