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16 01 2008

First, please visit Jason’s blog for a reply to my ‘scary movie’ post of yesterday. He’s done a really good job explaining what I could not.

Secondly, I’m working for just six hours today, but even MY boss can’t fill six hours with mid-season busy work. Hence I am working on a story for you all. A long time ago I asked for story ideas and Jennifer (round of applause please) gave me a list of ten. I used one of them for an ‘end of the world’ story and am going to use another for today’s.

Incidentally, if you have any new story suggestions I might do two short stories today.

And then I’m going to see a play!




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16 01 2008
Jennifer James

gives round of applause.

What play are you seeing?

16 01 2008

“Last Five Years” up at Skyline.

I’m a den mother around here… It’s important that I go to any play that any of ‘my kids’ are in. I hug them and tell them what I good job they’ve done and then I go home. I also make cookies and teach math.

Let the good times roll.

16 01 2008
Jennifer James

Wow. Very nice. Is Henderson still teaching there? He’s been promising to quit since I was in HS.

16 01 2008

He’s still there, though he didn’t direct this show. Kelsey Thorgelson is directing.

I think he knows what a sweet deal he’s got over there.

16 01 2008
Jennifer James

Yeah, for sure. You’ll have to say hi, if you see him, from me! Did you get my voicemail about Johnny Depp?

16 01 2008

Heck yes! That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. Really.

I almost cried.

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