What are you doing?

12 01 2008


With your life?

In case of emergency?

I figure my readers need their brains poked on a frequent basis to ensure their continued mental growth and expansion. I offer the above questions in hopes of aiding in the cerebral increase of those who visit my little corner of the universe.

I like to, as I sit in the box office staring out into the lobby, ponder a wide range of topics. I am vehemently opposed to ‘just sitting’ or ‘busy work’. I sleep a lot and if I don’t use my waking hours to their full potential I will turn into an under-sized Jabba the Hut. And let me tell you, no-one wants that.

Today, while I was working down at First Stage (our smaller, old theatre where we put on Kidstage productions and Village Originals and which looks very like the Psycho house) my friend Nick came to visit. He’s running sound for the Kidstage show but had nothing to do. So, like most people who come across my phone, he decided to play with it. I now have on my phone several horrid pictures of myself as well as one video. It’s the video that caught my attention. It’s really rather stunning. I may not be photogenic but something about me works on film.

I find this encouraging.

But back to the life question questions… What DO you do in case of emergency? I like the idea of finding the nearest law enforcement officer or man in dress uniform and holding on tight. I think of them like oversized, better-looking life jackets. (No. I’m not a feminist. Wanna fight?!) Or praying. Prayer is appropriate under all circumstances, though, and should not be a last-ditch effort. What’s your plan?

As to what I’m doing with my life… well, I’ve learned not to spread that kind of stuff around. People can unintentionally kill dreams more quickly than a pack of jackals can dismember a dead zebra on Animal Planet. If they’re actually trying to kill your dream it’s even quicker. So on that subject I must be silent, no disrespect to any of you lovely people.

And what am I doing with my day? At this moment I’m sitting at work typing this and eating beef jerky. Nick gave me half his mocha so the combination makes for an excellently awful lunch. Later I plan on cleaning my bathroom (perhaps) or writing (definitly) or painting (a strong possibility).

Hope all continues well with you. Feel free to share your in-depth thoughts in the comments, or as blog-responses.

Who knows? If things don’t speed up around here, ya’ll may get a short story out of me.




8 responses

12 01 2008
Jennifer James

i learned how to shoot a gun. It was good times, and we got some great pictures of me killing some clay pigeons. (Picture little orange frisbees.. they dissapointingly look NOTHING like pigeons.)

Of course, I only hit the ones that were immobile on the ground, but it was my first try.

13 01 2008

Considering my dreams are along the lines of becoming a major Hollywood director, the only way I’ve found to hold onto them is to let them be torn to shreds repeatedly. I’m not totally sure how that works, but it does. It’s like the more people (often with good intentions) try to tell me that it’ll never happen in a million years, the more I’m sure that it’s possible.

I have no idea if that makes sense, or if that was even what you were talking about. But these are my ramblings.

13 01 2008

I totally understand.

Right now, my dream is so infantile and new that it isn’t quite up to the rigors of disbelief. It’ll get there…

The funny thing is that I am SURE it could withstand any amount of rejection, but disbelief and rejection aren’t really the same thing, are they?

Jen- I love shooting guns. WAY fun. If I have sons they can totally have all the paintball/bb guns they want.

13 01 2008

Ummmm…I have no idea. About the disbelief/rejection thing. I guess I’d have to know what your dream was to get that bit. But then that would kind of ruin the point, wouldn’t it? 😛

13 01 2008

Eeeesh, not a big fan of that little face there. Didn’t mean to do that.

13 01 2008

Ha ha! No worries.

Rejection- someone looking at you and going “No, go away. We don’t want you.”

Disbelief- “There’s no way that YOU could do THAT”

That’s probably not any more clear…

13 01 2008

Ahhhhh, I get it. No it doesn’t really bother me when people don’t believe me. Pretty much no one does, and they have good intentions, but it’s like “well the probability’s pretty slim that you could land a job like that.” Rejection bothers me more, but I have to learn to put up with it, otherwise I’ll be in trouble.

14 01 2008

At least (MOST) we know that God will never and has never rejected us. We just hold tight to the things He tells us. I pray that I will have a Mary approach to life. When the angel told her that she would bear the son of God she didn’t argue. She was one who took the approach with God that “You said it, You’ll do it”.

I want that kind of life.

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