TV is GOOD for you

11 01 2008

Especially when the writers are on strike.

I worked for nine hours yesterday doing data entry on a computer. This had two effects. One, I got a heap of work done for our marketing department and two, my brain was reduced to mush.

My answer to a mushy brain is to get pillows, my down comforter, all my sketchbooks and the remote and collapse on the couch. I did so and turned on the TV only to end up watching one of the Christian channels.

They had this prophet on, talking about being prophetic, the purpose of prophecy, how to hear God’s voice etc. That was my favorite bit. When asked “How do we hear God’s voice” he answered “I used to tell people to fast and pray. I don’t anymore. I think we should fast and pray without ‘benefit’; I fast and pray because I love God.” He went on to talk about how we like to confine what God will and will not speak through to things that make sense to us. He told a story of how God used a Jazz song to really talk to him at a certain point in his life. Since I rarely hear the Lord through ‘Christian’ music and often through ‘secular’ I loved that.

Incidentally, you all know that there is no division between holy and secular, right? If God is the God of everything, then He can and will use anything He pleases to speak to you. While I was at THOP they used to remind us that God talks to us all the time and we just have to be alert and on the lookout for whatever He’s saying.

Anyway, this prophet gave a word about 2008 that was really encouraging. My spirit was witnessing to the truth of what he was saying.

It was really lovely.

After that, I did watch a really bad Sci Fi original Loch Ness movie. But only for like 20 minutes, so I don’t think it negated the previous goodness.

Then, it was time for the real answer to a long day at work- watching LOTR with Jesus. (For those of you who don’t know the Lord and I often have ‘movie nights’. I pick the movie then ask him to tell me things through it. It’s amazing and  ya’ll should try it.)

Enough for now. Time for some runnin’ and then a trip to BCC to send out my transcripts.




One response

12 01 2008

Wow…that movie idea is really awesome. I should definitely try that.

And I totally agree about the holy and secular thing. I mean, I still listen to a lot of Christian music myself, but God speaks to me through many different forms of art. He’s spoken to me through a few video games actually…

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