Life is just a…

8 01 2008

…bowl of cherries.

…day at the beach.


I will never stop marveling at the tendency of human beings to attempt to encapsulate the human experience into one sentence. It’s ridiculous! We cannot even explain atoms (one of the smallest particles in the universe) in one sentence. How, then, can we grab a handful of words and expect them to sum up everything we are/do/say/feel/think/percieve.

We cannot. Not really.

In other news- this is perhaps the slowest day I have ever experienced at the Box Office here at Village Theatre. We are between shows and our Tuesday ‘rush’ has been a dribble of calls at unpredictable moments throughout the day. It’s like a leaky faucet around here! You keep hoping that, either the dripping will stop or the floodgates will open. Either would be a less nerve-frazzling alternative.

In other-other news, Nicole Kidman is pregnant, there will be no Golden Globes this year, snow fell last night in the good old ‘quah and I had a dream that the Beast from Beauty and the Beast made me a white and gold pearl-embroidered ball gown. Sadly, just after he got done explaining all of the symbolism in the embroidery he got mad at me and I had to hide in the ball room until the waiters were too distracted to notice my escape.

In news that has no real bearing on anything but is interesting when all you’ve been doing all day is reading “The Daily News”- Scientists have figured out that by cross-breeding species of blind cave fish, the DNA deficiencies that cause blindness in species A is made up for by the DNA of species B and visa versa. The fish can see! They think that somehow this will benefit humans, which I think is a rather ambitious leap of logic. But, then, I’ve never cross-bred blind fish before so what do I know about it.

And, finally, in final news- I’ve finished my online application to Asbury, and managed to restrain my offense at the idea that they use some kind of spiritual happy-stick to help decide how much merit applicants have. I got over it. (Plus, it’s their right to ask any questions they want, it’s one of the perks of being a private school.)

Here’s hoping you’ve all had a Big Day!

Best wishes from the Box Office,




10 responses

9 01 2008
Jennifer James

i’ll tell Donna and Jeff to get an upstairs apartment ready.

Also. I am to be a bridesmaid, and, shock of shocks, the dresses are adorable.

10 01 2008


Does that mean that I can have Aubrey’s room?

10 01 2008
Jennifer James

Actually, it might. You need to talk to otherfather about that….! Though the apartments upstairs have their own kitchens… But they’ve rented out Aubrey’s room before….

10 01 2008

Ha ha! Let’s get me into the school first, then ask God, THEN we can think about it.

But that’s good to know…

10 01 2008

Life…is like a grapefruit. It’s orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast. -Douglas Adams

10 01 2008
Jennifer James

If you get in, that may be God’s answer right there….

11 01 2008

Jason! Glad to see you in my corner of the universe. Everyone, allow me to introduce my friend Jason.

Jason… everyone. (mostly my sister)

Jenn- Yes, you may be right, but I really should give you the full update before you get too excited.

11 01 2008

Well this seems pretty awesome, you apparently update this thing way more often than I do, so this’ll give me…ummmm, more distractions from my schoolwork. Awesome! If my grades tank now I’m blaming you.

11 01 2008

Can’t do that. I’m a nationally certified tutor… we make people’s grades go UP!

12 01 2008
Jennifer James

I told the fam you wanted Aubrey’s room, everyone got really excited.

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