I work hard for da money…

5 01 2008

I got my first paycheck yesterday and have spent my morning “doing my accounts”. After spending most of my life savings in New Zealand and after an intense study into the biblical principals of stewardship, I had some math to do.

Luckily, I like math.

Part of the biblical model of wealth-management is that part of your money goes to ‘foreigners’. The Jewish idea of a foreigner was someone who was not under the Abrahamic covenant. To us New Testament believers, it means (guess what) people not under the new covenant. Translation- non believers. This is something that is important for believers to notice.

But better even than sending your money to them, you should give them your time. Because when the Bible talks about taking care of the foreigners it means giving of your own resources to sustain and build them up. Time is a resource just as much as money is. That means volunteering at charities that have no religious affiliation. I’ve been looking at different ones and am enjoying myself immensely.

So yes, that is what I am doing with my day. Math and charity-browsing. Good times.




One response

6 01 2008
Jennifer James

you have always been so generous with your money helping US out, I can’t wait to see what kind of cool stuff you do with complete foreigners.

Your Favorite Intercessory Missionaries

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