Body-Surfing for Birds

4 01 2008

As I was headed out on my run today I was struck by the charging freight train-noises of the wind in the trees. I literally had to stop and look around about four times, thinking that a car was about to run me down.

Note- I think that when one is exercising outdoors on a stormy day, the workout is immediatly more strenuous. Extra points for storms!

I was coming around the corner by one of the Trossachs retention ponds and I didn’t see any of the usual ducks. This was disconcerting as not even the wildest weather is enough to scare my feathered friends away. I kept going the entire length of the pond before I saw them. They were at the far end, all bunched together just floating.

A huge gust of wind ripped by and the entire pack of them were pushed along the pond by a mini swell. They’d all faced away from the wind and were riding the wave. You could almost see the little thought bubbles above their heads going “Whheeeeeeeee!”

I laughed.

It was a good morning altogether, for which I am very grateful since I have an 11 hour work day today. Whoot!




One response

4 01 2008
Jennifer James

Wweeee! They WERE surfing ducks. Are you guys getting those big storms too, huh?

11 hour work day? What do they make you do over there for so long!
When are you coming to visit me?!

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