“I Am [My Own] Legend”

2 01 2008

Yesterday, The ever-lovely Mrs. Smith, the ever-lovely Mr. Smith and myself attended the 11:15 showing of I Am Legend. I had little to no idea what it was about going into it. I’d heard something about cancer and I believe the term “Vampire/Zombie movie” was used once or twice. Never being one to pass up a good zombie movie or a good vampire movie or, for that matter, any Will Smith movie, I was stoked for this one.

–Yes, you read it right. I love Jesus and zombie/vampire flicks. It happens. Also, spoiler warning. If you haven’t seen it yet don’t read this.—

Anyway, the first half of the movie had me in a semi-constant state of freak-out. There is so much potential for things jumping out from around corners that you never really get a rest.

Once you finally see the zombies, though, you relax a little. I am almost positive that the guy who did the special effects for The Mummy was working on this project. There is no slime, no dripping blood and hence very little creepy-ickiness.

Let me add right here that it is not an easy thing to carry a movie by yourself. Tom Hanks got rave reviews for Castaway, a movie I roundly dislike. If I want to watch a guy talk to a beach ball for three hours I’ll go to Alki. Will Smith, however, is completely and utterly brilliant in I am Legend. Neither annoying, nor boring nor repetitive. The add-in of a beloved canine friend gives him someone to dialogue at and another ‘character’ for the audience to become attached to.

Not having read the book I have no feelings about the main character being changed from an overweight white guy to a toned black soldier. If I want to see an overweight white guy I’ll go to…well….Alki.

The music was artful, the cinematography clever, the special effects adequate and the storytelling (a composite of acting, directing and screenplay) admirable. I highly HIGHLY recomend this movie.

That is, if you have no heart conditions, are not overweight, are not pregnant or nursing and have no back or neck pain.

 For a contrasting review see HERE.

In other news, I have just completed a 48 hour purge of everything I own. My room is clean. Every box has been gone through, every drawer cleared out, my bookshelves vacuemed and my new sheets on my bed.

Hence, I am my own Legend.

And sometime soon I want abs like Will Smith’s.




5 responses

2 01 2008
Mother Smith

This was a great movie! I think I’d like to see it again..I’d be WAY more relaxed since I know when and where the “things jump out”. 🙂
I am not one for scary movies, but this was so well done it is really worth a trip to your local theater.
( I WOULD NOT take young children… it is pg-13 but I’d have to really be sure my ‘young teen’ could handle it.)

2 01 2008
Jennifer James

Megs- I liked the movie alot. It’s definitely a different interp than the book, but I loved it none the less.

You are right. It DOES look like they CGI’ed the muscles.

2 01 2008

Thank you!

I can’t imagine he has a lot of time to get to looking like that…

2 01 2008
Jennifer James

I am sure they didnt’ though. Remember, he has someone who cooks for him and he probably works out ALOT.

3 01 2008

This begins to make sense…

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