The End of the World, Pt 2

24 12 2007


“Did I stutter? Yes, ducks.”

“Why in the world, when you could tell me about any of the manifold wonders found at world’s end, would you tell me about ducks?”

“Because ducks need to be thought of too, and they depend on traveler’s bread for sustanance. Why does it suprise you so?”

“Because….because….because they’re ducks. I have ten of them swimming in the lake outside my house right at this minute. I’m off on a bold adventure and you are talking about the most ordinary thing that there is.”

“Does their ordinariness make them less worthy of notice? Humans. The entireĀ universe shrieks with magnificence every minute of every day and your race has invented ennui. When will you learn that it’s the things you look at every day that were designed to most clearly show the glory in creation?”

“Glory. In ducks?”

“Yes! And if you say ‘ducks’ again in that questioning tone I shall beat you about the head and shoulders with your own shoes until you have more sense. Now get out of bed and be going!”

“Alright, alright! I’m up. Now, let’s see… jeans, shoes, coat, food, dry bread, water… Are you coming too?”

“Coming where?”

“With me of course!”

“I had not planned to. My job is not to follow you on your adventures but rather to ensure that you set off in the first place. Besides, the end of the world is damp more often than not.”

“And you don’t want to get your paws wet.”

“Can you blame me?! Ugh. It’s the worst feeling in any world.”

“Very well then. I’m all packed and ready. How do I look?”

“Like a girl who’s going off to see the worlds.”

“Is there really more than one world?”

“Have I not told you so? There are as many worlds as there are people. The confusion you all get into is that those worlds overlap so much they look like one to you. Have you ever met someone who shared your ideas and opinions perfectly?”


“No, you haven’t. That is because they don’t live in your world. They do not see things the way you do, nor react to them the way you do.”

“I never realized.”

“Ha! Most people don’t, and they like it that way. If there wasn’t so much potential for goodness, compassion, mercy and nobility in your race, I would have done with you long age. You’re more helpess than kittens and more viscious than wildcats. Anyway, it’s long past time for you to be going.”

“Where should I go first?”

“Where? Out your front door, of course!”




2 responses

24 12 2007
Jennifer James

It’s a dangerous business, walking out your door….

Very nice sister. Nice hints on who we are talking to. I loves you.

24 12 2007

“You never know where the road will take you…”

I loves YOU!

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