From the Ends of the Earth

13 12 2007

From the ends of the earth
From the deep places, from the high
We’re crying out, we’re calling
Saying “we miss you, please return”

We miss you! The whole earth groans
We miss you! Each tortured soul
bent and beaten, sick and lame
weak and worried, wild but tamed
by one glance of Your eyes;
One word from your heart.

We cannot see you but live by faith
Knowing that we are strangers
Trespassers in a world not our own.
A land ruled by hate, given over to lusts.
They beat us back and drag us down,
They fight against You, in vain!

Death is no enemy, time no foe
For nothing can stand against You
and we are children, the Bride
For whom You sent Your Own to bleed and die
And we miss that beauty,
That selfless Love
So send Him again! Send Him soon!

Let Him trample kings under His glorious feet
Death and judgement, glory and beauty
Fiery eyes and pealing voice
Jehovah Lord of Hosts
My Lord my Husband

And I miss You.
Won’t You come again?!




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