9 12 2007

It rained today. All day.

Which worked out well since I spent the morning in bed watching Pride and Prejudice, the long version. I only got through a bit. After that I went on a walk, then drove into town with Tristan, Graham, Jo and Nikki to get presents for the gift exchange at the Cole’s barbeque. Nikki and I got Starbucks gift cards and a couple of hot drinks. I actually got to meet the girl who figured out what my drink was the last time I ordered it.

Nikki and I were done way before the others and didn’t have car keys. We happened to have parked on the windiest street in town and the only place to shelter was the Tauranga Hotel’s car park entrance. So we sat there, chatting about how spending time in large groups of people is really hard. Occasionally a car would drive by, the driver staring confusedly at us as we sat just outside the grated car-park door. One of them very kindly offered us a lift, which I appreciated but we did not accept.

The carpark proved to be very ill shelter, so we eventually moved to a doorway. We felt like hippie dope dealers standing in our coordinated outfits, drinking Starbucks and staring at passers-by.

Everyone came and claimed us eventually and we went home. From home it was on to the Cole’s house as our baptisms were at three.

Chelsea, Alana, Becca and I were scheduled to be baptised. Dave Cole read a passage from Romans and we all told why we were getting baptised. Normally even that amount of public speaking would have crippled me but it didn’t faze me at all.

They dunked us then we were prayed for. It was so amazing, I can’t even tell you. God gave me two pictures and several good words; ‘messenger’ and ‘warrior’ being two things prayed/proclaimed over me. There were some other things, but you can ask if you want more details. It was fine standing around before they dunked me, even with the rain and wind, but afterwards I was so cold. Visibly shivering, actually.

Then on to the dinner portion of the day. Supper was excellent and I did dishes and hung out with Kristi Walsh, Nikki, Mrs. Hay and Mrs. Cole while everyone else did the gift exchange. I managed to come in just as Dave (who was standing in for me) picked out a present. It was the neatest little green travel mug. I slyly took it from him then returned to the kitchen so that no-one could steal it from me!

Dessert was excellent as well. I ate too much of Cheryl’s chocolate pizza.

As I was heading out to take Jessica, Kristi and Samu home Dennis pulled me aside and totally blessed me. I can’t give details but it was the nicest end to the day ever. I nearly cried.

And now I’m home. Tired, sore and sleepy but ever so happy. I’m going to try and load some pictures tonight for you all.

But for now I’m peacing out.




One response

9 12 2007
Father Smith


Wonderful, Beautiful, Incredible!!! I want to hear the FULL story. I was praying for you asking that God would meet you beyond anything you could ever ask or imagine.

I know something you don’t know:)

Love Dad

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