A glimpse into the secret life of Meghan

8 12 2007

The bible says that “The heart knows its’ own bitterness and no stranger shares its’ joy” (Proverbs 14.10). It may sound silly but I actually never had that truth run home before these past weeks. It has only recently occurred to me that people can’t read my mind and, more often than not, really don’t understand.

And it’s not a bad thing. It creates greater dependance on God when we finally comprehend the vast unsearchable distances between one human being and the next.

However, it says that “no stranger shares its’ joy” and I want the people in my life to be able to experience my happinesses. To that end, I shall make you all less of strangers and give you a bunch of things you might not have known about me.

Things I want to do that most church-goers would find morally objectionable:
1) Get my bartending license and work in a bar at a ritzy hotel
2) Be involved in the performing arts (and NOT in a Christian pageant-group)
3) Get a tattoo
4) Date (though at this point I could give or take this one)
5) Cuss when I slam my fingers in car doors

20 Things I want to do before I die:
1) Go on a day hike by myself
2) Go walking on a rainy night in Milan (does it rain in Milan?)
3) Own a polka-dotted umbrella
4) Have a tea party with my daughter(s)
5) Buy excessive amounts of books for my sister’s children
6) Go to/host a costume ball
7) Live in NZ
8) Drive a boat
9) Write a book
10) Take my parents on a trip overseas
11) Do stunt work
12) Dance on stage one more time
13) Get married
14) Plant roses in my own garden then leave them to their own devises
15) Have a library
16) Be bilingual
17) Have an effect
18) Spend a night outside watching the stars
19) Find Jesus in the most unlikely of situations
20) Have a mohawk or faux-hawk

Things I do NOT like/enjoy:
1) Mustaches
2) People who shorten my name without earning the right to do so; my name is “Meghan” not “Meg” or “Meggie”. My family and my best friends can call me whatever the heck they want. To everyone else it’s Meghan.
3) People who never talk about anything but themselves; I find it exhausting
4) Flippant disregard for the reality in which we live
5) Lies
6) Being ignored
7) Yogurt
8.) Charm without sincerity
9) Horror movies
10) Melting snow

Things I enjoy/want to do that everyone says are too nerdy for words
1) Get married in Disneyland
2) Own replicas of movie props
3) Being told I look like an elf
4) Talking about astrophysics
5) Arguing politics (even in non-election years)
6) Reading biographies by the pool
7) NOT sunbathing (SPF 70, anyone?)
8) Singing at any and all times
9) Dancing/walking/running barefoot in the rain, preferably in PJ’s
10) I find odd numbers preferable to even ones, but like things to be symmetrical
11) Looking at faces and holding firmly to the opinion that interesting faces are far preferable to pretty or beautiful ones
12) Knowing lyrics to most Disney songs
13) Hanging out with people of all ages
14) Doodling on everything that will hold ink or pencil (including skin)
15) Not minding that I’m a kid at heart

I hope that makes you all feel a little closer to the ‘real’ Meghan. I’m always delighted to talk about myself, so if this has set you pondering just ask a question and I’ll answer as best I can.

Much loving!




3 responses

9 12 2007
Mother Smith

I love it all!!!!! And one of the coolest things is that there is usually always something you can learn about a person even when you think you “know” them.

10 12 2007
Jennifer James

mwahahahaha… Having a tattoo, morally objectionable? Come to IHOP. Last time I was at a night service I saw the following, on boys AND GIRLS.
– skinny jeans
-full sleeve tattoos
– plural piercings on one face
– crazy colored hair
– a blue, 12″ long mohawk.

I actually think alot of Christians find Christianity morally objectionable, and until they don’t, I am not going to quibble with them about the little things.
Plus, I think that having a tattoo designed by yourself would be a fun thing. Just don’t put it on your face, or that ritzy hotel might not hire you.

10 12 2007

Ha ha. You make an excellent point.

I actually have it all planned out so that it will be the easiest thing in the world to cover up. It’s going on my sixth rib under my right arm. I don’t want one on my butt and that’s the second best place I could think of so it wouldn’t show but I would get to see it.

And I LOVE ritzy hotels. working in one would be a dream!

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